How are you, what’s good and bad in your world?

Well right now we’re excited to launch our first festival on the beautiful east coast of Zanzibar on Paje Beach. There are so many good things in our world but generally it’s the sense of community Soundscapes brings from the attendees, volunteers, suppliers, and artists. Some of the biggest challenges we face are perhaps finding the right types of venues for our events. There are a number of requirements that we have and compromises always have to be made.

How did you first get into electronic music and promoting? and why?

We’ve shared a passion for electronic music since we were really young, attending events both in our hometown of Bahrain and abroad. We’re fortunate to have come across some really talented artists and inspiring music throughout the years, and felt we wanted to bring this music back to our hometown of Bahrain. For that reason, we believed there was an opportunity to do something different. Something that caters to audiophiles like ourselves with the potential of building a small community around that.

Tell us about the roots of soundscapes, why and when it started.

Soundscapes started as a small underground outdoors electronic music event. We prioritized sound and deco. Our initial objective was to build an event that we would enjoy attending. It all started in 2013. There were a couple of underground events that had started a sort of movement where people had more freedom than commercial events, but there wasn’t anything that offered the kind of music we liked listening to. This is when we felt we should do something different. It has now grown to become more than that. Now it’s a music and arts festival, showcasing visual arts as part of the experience.

Who is it for, what is the musical vibe and atmosphere of the party?

Soundscapes is for everyone. Our crowd has always been a fusion of people of all ages, ethnicities from various backgrounds, no one is a stranger and all are friends. We always say “the people make the party” and that’s why we just consider ourselves a platform for experiences to be shared and friendships to be made. We aim to take our attendees on a musical journey and for that reason we always curate an eclectic range of performances, including that which we find appealing.

What made you decide to take it to Zanzibar?

The constraints in the events industry back in Bahrain due to the pandemic. We then had the opportunity to visit Zanzibar. Seeing the beauty of the island with our own eyes, we knew that we had to do something here. Also, the fact that it is relatively close to our home audience, we felt it would be an appropriate next step for Soundscapes.

What is the thinking head of the line up, why have you booked who you have?

The line-up is composed of artists that inspire us to become artists. Our musical palette is extremely diverse and for that reason, we’ve carefully selected artists with a variety of different sounds that will take us on a musical journey from start to finish. Some of the artists are even known for their ambient sets which we will be playing earlier during the day.

Is it important to use local DJ’s, promoters, business where possible, to leave a positive legacy?

This was one of our key objectives when initially embarking on this project. We noticed that Zanzibar is an island with so much to offer and it truly deserves to benefit from a global platform. Apart from that, there are unique skill sets, materials, and structure types that can only be sourced from locals.
Tell us about the stage designs, production, the vibe of the festival and what you hope stands it apart?

Our aim is to stay true to our brand while being true to the island of Zanzibar. We’ve been lucky to find an untouched piece of land on the Paje Beach, one of the most popular spots in Zanzibar. Building from scratch has its difficulties, but we are confident that we are putting together something really special for our crowd. One thing that sets us apart is the level of inclusiveness we have for the local community. We are trying to get as many local artists, workers, and volunteers involved as possible. This gives our festival a truly organic vibe.

What tips have you got for people coming?

Cash is highly recommended to have in hand when in Zanzibar. Make sure to bring enough US dollars as it’s accepted everywhere. Don’t be afraid to engage in conversations with the locals. Everyone we’ve met in Zanzibar is extremely friendly. Also, please respect the tradition of the Island and keep it clean.
What are you most looking forward to about the event?

We’re most looking forward to welcoming you all to Soundscapes Zanzi to celebrate life in the way we know best: music, art, community, and a good experience

Resident Advisor