Nicky Elisabeth is a young female artist who was born in the South of the Netherlands and raised in Belgium, and is already making massive moves with an impressive selection of releases on esteemed imprints like Kompakt & Anjunadeep. We spoke to her recently to find out about her summer plans, and how it felt to play landmark venues like DGTL Festival and Fabric recently…

Hey Nicky, how’s life in Amsterdam for you right now?

It’s good! The festival season has actually started and the city is alive again, god how I’ve missed this!

You had to wait a while, but how was the experience of playing at DGTL festival a couple of weeks ago?

DGTL was the best festival experience I had gig wise. AMP is such an impressive stage with its clear roof and impressive lighting. You could also really sense the joy of everyone there, to be able to be together after such a long time really does something to people. Such an experience probably won’t come by again in my lifetime.

As well as The Netherlands, you’ve began to spread your music across Europe, most notably with a recent set at Fabric. How exciting was that to play such a reputable club?

Fabric was great, I truly enjoy going to London as well as I find the city and the music industry there very inspiring and forward thinking. This is also something you can sense in the nightlife since people are much more receptive to different styles of music.

Being able to travel a lot through my job is one of the things I love most about it. Even though you don’t always speak the language, the way people dance or engage with the music is a whole language on its own; and that’s a universal one.

Have you had time to reflect on the success’ you’ve had over the past few years?

Absolutely, I honestly think I reflect a bit too much for my own good. But then again, there is no amount of reflection that can really get me to grasp what my life is looking like right now.

Do you have a preference between DJ’ing, producing & singing?

All of them have their own charm, I wouldn’t want to choose. It’s the balance between all three that keeps it interesting to me.
To me, being able to sing in my own productions and then hear them in a club is about as good as it gets.

What artists inspired you to get into music and who are your favourite DJ’s right now?

Mano Le Tough has always been one of my favourite DJ’s, and still is!

Haai is someone I’ve been watching for quite some time and I find her incredibly inspiring as well.

How do you spend your downtime outside of gigs and studio sessions?

I’ve been reading a lot lately; mostly fantasy books. This is the genre I loved since I was a child and discovered the Harry Potter books. I remember being so eager to read the next one that I just started reading them in English because those versions came out sooner. I was 9 years old haha.

You have a lot of festivals & events to come this summer, what are you most excited for?

The last weekend of July I’ll be playing 4 events…

On Friday a festival in Groningen, then Saturday La Reve at the beach and Sunday I start at Awakenings and the afternoon I play Tomorrowland.

My booker tells me no one has ever played those two events on the same day so I’m ready to check that box. haha

Anymore releases to come in the rest of 2022?

Actually I have a release lined up very very soon! On the 24th of May to be exact.

It’s also the first release where I’ll be singing in myself so I’m beyond excited!! Stay Tuned!

Nicky Elisabeth’s new EP ‘Fading / Sun’ is out 24th May on Anjunadeep.