Pablo Fierro stands firmly atop a new wave of cosmopolitan electronic music, digging for sounds across borders and packaging them into punchy, electromagnetic and deeply tropical shades of house and techno.

Born and raised in the Canary Islands, this musician, DJ and producer’s artistry ranges from composing film scores to founding world club music label Vida Records to writing his own lyrics and composing on guitar, bass, percussions and piano.

His life is dedicated to channelling the vibrancy of music, and its power to stir and inspire people, through percussive productions that balance high energies and cultural stories. With charismatic releases on labels like Innvervisions, Compost and Sony Music among others, he’s established his signature sound: distinctive, fiery, ready to tackle and integrate new influences with agility and emotion.

Pablo Fierro’s fascination of music’s uniting power and relentless focus will continue driving him across genres, feeding audiences with trips that serve up a much needed fresh perspective.

Take a listen to Pablo Fierro‘s perspective with DHA AM Mix #251.