Berlin based DJ and producer Powel ’s music captures warm, airy atmospheres, and celestial rhythms, always finding a way to thread natural elegance and tasteful patience in his productions. His signature rhythms, percussion work, and captivating atmospheres have the ability to take you into the depth of aural pleasure.

Having learned the piano at a young age, and subsequently performed regularly with bands and even an orchestra, Powel‘s palette of music has a vast and thorough foundation that is influenced by the people and places he comes across during his visits. His unique touch as a musician is heard by how he tells a melancholic story fused with ghostly, low slung cuts that are rich with nuance and subtlety. Powel steadily explores this duality in sounds not only throughout his discography but in his performances around the world which included his inaugural debut on the ROBOT HEART bus in 2016.

Powel has his residencies with the All Day I Dream family around renowned guru Lee Burridge, Behrouz’s intimate home in Miami, Do Not Sit On The Furniture, and one of the finest institutions in New York City, Bespoke Musik. On the production front, he released on the previous mentioned labels, for which he is a resident and he also put out music on Still Vor Talent, Loot Recordings, and Sol Selectas.

His newest release ‘Iblard‘ just came out last month on the new Australian imprint ‘Dawn Till Dusk‘. Opening with ‘Iblard’, the sparsest of all, its aquatic pads draw you into a warm place, where discordant melodies swirl across the spilling, and dripping percussion, a lazy bass sigh intermittently makes its presence known. Once the warbled radio static appears towards the end, you know peak satisfaction has been reached. ‘Aburaya’ is next in both vocal, and instrumental form. Deeply Detroitian by design, the uplifting pads and keys made this life-affirming, it’s crescendo shouting joy from the rooftops. On ‘Johannesburg’ we are quickly transported into Powel’s world. A sparse beat slowly transforming into a warm vibe with rhodesy keys, violins, and male vocal ad libs. ‘The Grand Opening’ named after (and also sampling) the Swedish band, adds live instrumentation to the deep house aesthetic with aplomb: gritty percussion drives the track, as airy harmonics drift in, and out of the mix. While wonky rubbery bass powers ‘Hang On’ forward with nuanced keys, and vocal shots ricocheting around your head.

It’s rare to hear an artist so intimately blur the line between uplifting pieces of music and raw, emotive records that exude the soul in some of its purest forms. A true artist in every sense of the word, Powel’s genius for storytelling is always a special affair for the enthusiast.

We’re happy to welcome Powel to our mix series, serving up a perfect journey to suck you in and bring you someplace else.

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