After successfully having premiered Nico Morano’s Sincopat release ‘Merci Paris (Biesmans Remix)’ 2 weeks ago, it is now time to hear the full musical spectrum from Belgian pride Nico Morano in the form of this exclusive mix.

In 2019 the Belgian DJ/producer started working his way up via releases on Katermukke, Days Like Nights, Hive Audio & his own label Atmosphere Records. He also curates stages on Tomorrowland & Paradise City Festival, so you might have bumped into his name somewhere, somehow.

2020 started already off nicely with releases on Récits de Mars, Sincopat and Ontourage Music. With only 3 months he is keeping busy at the start of the new year with new targets and horizons for Nico. But it doesn’t stop as his release schedule is already filled until June, with a few exclusive previews in this mix.
So you can expect most of these releases in near future.

Today Nico Morano provides a great energetic melodic driven mix for you to forgot the crazy pandemic for a second. Let’s stay safe and be guided through music while we remain empathic to others <3

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1. ID – ID
2. Nico Morano & Radeckt – Resilio
3. Pieralberto Valli – Salomè (Ivory re-vision)
4. Nico Morano – Merci Paris
5. Artche – Haunts
6. Nico Morano – Akum
7. YeahButNo – Run, run, run (Alex Niggemann remix)
8. DSF – Faoula
9. D-Nox & Beckers – Bitter Rain (Nico Morano remix)
10. Henri Bergmann – Creature feat Underspreche (Biesmans remix)
11. Lake Avalon – Sunrise
12. Mattia Pompeo – Laguna
13. Nico Morano – Blackout feat. Nathan Nicholson
14. Lake Avalon – Hercules
15. Pysh & Bondar – Say Yes feat. Lazarusman (Nico Morano remix)
16. ID – ID