A breakout star from Ibiza 2017, Anna Tur is a DJ whose ascendency shows no sign of slowing down. By now a firm member of Marco Carola’s It’s All About the Music parties, Anna has enjoyed a whirlwind past year, with gigs at Music On in Ibiza and further afield such as Romania, Dubai and Amsterdam.

Ahead of her London show on the 15th December, we caught up with the Ibiza Global Radio boss to chat labels, future plans and playing at one of the White Isle’s biggest nights of the summer this past season…

“I’m a patient, emotional person (and also a bit of a perfectionist) but all will fall into place soon. “

Hi Anna, lovely to catch up with you. Lets start by chatting about Holland. You were in Amsterdam this year for ADE. Did you have a good time while here? What did you get up to?
Yes, I really love Holland and their people. Every time I go is a new experience and I learn more about the culture and the parties all the time. For me, ADE nowadays is one of the world’s best electronic music events where everyone in the industry comes together for the greater good and really shows their best. We did an in-store event there this year among other things; a great atmosphere and vibe around the city during ADE time!

It seems 2017 has been a really big year for you. How would you describe it yourself? What were the highlights?
You’re right; it’s been a bit of a dream come true for me if I’m honest. I work very hard, sometimes like 15 hour days combining my work with Ibiza Global Radio with my life as a DJ, which can obviously be pretty exhausting at times. But I’ve also lean red to keep a good work/life balance and I really love and appreciate every moment right now. I’m learning all the time which is really important.

You played with Marco Carola at his Music On party this summer. Is that the first time you’d played in Amnesia? How would you describe the experience?
In all honesty it’s a night I’ll never forget. It was one of the biggest events of the 2017 season, as Carl [Cox] joined Marco. It was one of only a few dates Carl did on the island this year and it was crazy; there were planes coming in from everywhere just for that date! So to be a party of it was an amazing experience, and one I’ll be forever grateful to the Music On family for giving me.

How do you prefer for gigs of that magnitude? And how does it compare to playing in smaller clubs?
Well, at a big event like that your feelings, your emotions… they’re all on fire! In small clubs you’ve a bit more of a connection with the people and the crowd. I love those situations where you’re near the people, but really, they’re completely different experiences.

Do you have a preference for bigger or smaller clubs? Does it matter as long as the vibe is good?
As you said, it’s all dependent on the vibe. I don’t mind big, small or even my living room so long as my friends and good people are around!

Let’s talk for a moment about your label. How has that gone recently? What do you reckon is the most challenging aspect of running a label these days?
The digital era and the Internet means that everything you release has to be extra significant. You must have special attributes and talent to be a bit different. There are unknown artists nowadays with big talent who often don’t get to where they want to. So really, I think nowadays to be on top you have to have some investment and a great team behind you.

Do you have a vision for the label? Do you make goals for the label and for yourself as a DJ?
My idea is to support new talent, young people who might not necessarily have a big platform for their music. I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly popular person, but I have good social and music platforms which allow my music to be heard, which is naturally very important.

So, if you could have one other person on the label or collaborate with anyone else, who would it be?
Haha, well right now I’m collaborating with Tony Moreno from Ibiza Global Radio, so I’ll say Toni! But anyone who makes good music with soul is welcome to send me their stuff.

Naturally 2018 isn’t far away, so we wanted to ask: will you be playing anywhere cool this new years?
I’ve a few options but only a few days to decide, but I’ll confirm all soon. All 3 are super good but we’ll see. On Christmas Day in Naples I’ll play at the It’s All About the Music party, which promises to be pretty special. Really looking forward to that one!

What’s keeping you really excited about 2018? What are your plans in Ibiza for next year, for example?
I’m actually in the middle of planning it all now. I’m a patient, emotional person (and also a bit of a perfectionist) but all will fall into place soon.

And finally, what are your top 5 tracks from the year just gone?
After some careful consideration, I’ve decided to go for these. Enjoy!
– Davina Moss_4U_
– Mark Fanciulli – Vision
– Neverdogs, Sebastian Ledher Feat. Fernanda Lebrock – Tremenda
– Leon-Pablo (Francisco Allendes Remix)
– Manu Gonzalez – Acid Jam (Original Mix)

Anna Tur plays It’s All About the Music at Fire Vauxhall on 15th December alongside Oxia, Neverdogs, Joey Daniel, Elio Riso, Antonio Pica and DJ Dep. The entire night will be streamed live on Ibiza Global Radio. Tickets can be purchased from RA here

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