German Daniel Bortz is now ten years into his career. In that time he’s clocked up credits on labels like Pastamusik, Innervisions and Exit Strategy that have won him plenty of acclaim, as well as fans all over the world.

Veering from tech to host etc techno, he has a slick knack for programming drums and is just as good in the DJ booth at keeping you locked. He plays ByDay ByNight‘s Halloween Festival Freakshow at The Steelyard on Friday October 27th with the likes of Tom Demac and OC & Verde and ahead of that we speak to him about the lesson he’s learnt, what you can expect on the night and more besides.

“I feel a lot stuff right now; old school, new school….”

After the years in the game, do you feel as excited and enthused about the scene as ever?
Yes the scene is actually better compared to back in the day. I feel it’s more open minded and less judgmental, it still feels fresh for me.

What motivates you now, is it the same thing that always did or do you have different goals?
My motivation never stops, there is endless avenues to explore. I always have ideas and concepts in my head, kinda too many sometimes! My goals remain to realize these concepts so I can share them.

How have your tastes, styles, techniques in the DJ booth and studio changed? Are you a more complete artist now than ever before?
My taste didn’t really change, I think its more just cherry picking for a better overview. I guess I’m improving, after years of just doing music, DJing etc I feel more like a complete artist.

What lessons have you learnt along the way, what do you know now you wish you knew when you started out?
Being patient has helped me a lot. Less stress

Can you write music on the road, or do you need to be in a nice studio to work?
I do write lyrics on the road or make sketches. To finish a production I still need a proper studio.

You play ByDay ByNight soon – what should people expect? What are you feeling right now?
That I can tell when I’m at the club, it always depends what venue, what mood etc. I feel a lot stuff right now; old school, new school.

Will you try and play in a Halloween way – is that even possible?
For me it depends how I get connected with the crowd and vibe. Maybe I will bring some spooky tunes, lets see…

Do you ever theme sets according to your mood and the place you play?
I do sometimes yes but, without knowing the place before I play it isn’t possible to plan a set or theme.

What makes a perfect one for you, what are the key things that have to be right?
Perfect DJ set ?

I love playing vinyl but it is unfortunately not so easy out there. So a proper sound set up, serviced turntables, warm moody lights. Mostly I can handle the party if it is not 100 % perfect, you never know what is perfect.

What’s next for you, what else have you got coming up?
After my remixes for Alex Niggemann, Yandom and my tune for the Permanent Vacation X Sampleri. I just finished my next release will come out on Permanent Vacation in December. More stuff will come so watch out…

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27 October | Halloween Festival Freakshow | Tickets | The Steelyard