One of Brazils finest exports HNQO drops in to talk about his latest and arguably greatest venture: His debut LP on Gui Boratto’s DOC label, ‘The Old Door’.

HNQO has been churning out heavyweight beats for years and is a household name on the scene. From releases on Hot Creations to this on his own famed Playperview label, HNQO’s music is heard on dance floors far and wide. We find out more about the inspiration behind the album, his relationship with DOC and his favourite tracks on the album…

“It feels like a mission that was out there waiting for me to accomplish”

Hi Henrique, how are you?
Hello guys. I’m very fine, thank you.

How does it feel to release your debut album?
It feels like a mission that was out there waiting for me to accomplish – Of course, taking the most fun out of it.

What’s your relationship with Gui Boratto and DOC?
I made a remix for one of Gui Boratto’s songs “Flying Practice” back in 2013 if I’m correct. He personally picked up a few of his favourite Brazilian producers to remix this song and I remember he really liked my version of it, putting it to his live sets. We started to communicate more often after that and the rest just happened as naturally.

Why did you choose to release your debut album on DOC and not your own Playperview imprint?
I had a pretty good schedule of releases on Playperview the last two years and DOC really liked the material since the first songs I wrote for the album. Also because of their distribution with Kompakt being very on point and reaching a big portion of the globe.

What was the inspiration behind the album?
I wanted to keep my roots and also to have a new sound that could translate my feelings and sort of behave like a soundtrack through the period it took me to write down all the tracks. I guess life was the main inspiration for it.

How many hours did you spend slaving away in the studio to put it together?
I didn’t count how many hours it took me to finish from top to bottom but I think the average on each track was something around 20 to 25 hours. I’ve finished 13 tracks to pick out the 10 that are on the album. The mixing process took a good amount of time too.

How has growing up in Brazil shaped your sound and musical career?
I suppose this is written off in the music I make. There should be a bit of the Brazilian groove attached to it. But I can’t really say how it shaped my career.

Do you think this album is made more for the dance floor or for personal enjoyment? Or both?
I think it’s more like an album that you need to hear a few times and enjoy its details. Pay attention to the layers and textures. the lyrics. You can also play this out but it depends on the dance floor, the crowd.

What’s your favourite track off the album?
My favorites are “Light a Cigarette” and “Bowed Piano”

What does the future hold for HNQO? Any further goals or ambitions to achieve?
I want to start thinking on my next album. Making the second album should be more challenging than the first one.

‘The Old Door’ LP is out now on DOC BUY

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