Karmon has been making music all his life. First it was with whatever was lying around the house, but now it is with the tools that create his unique house and tech sound.

The talented Dutchman releases it on labels like Redlight Music and Diynamic, where he has most recently offered up the excellent second edition of their Picture series. It finds him laying out his emotive vision across a fine collection of coherent tracks that show he has a deep and diverse style. Here we talk to him about the EP, what gear he used to make it, about his formal playing skills and what else he has coming up this year…

“I find a lot of inspiration in the actual process of making music.”

How was xmas and new year for you, did you have a good one?
Yes, it was great actually. This year I took the time to spend Christmas and New years with my family. It’s been a while since that happened.

Do you have goals, hopes and dreams for the new year?
I want to bring out more music than the previous years and one major goal is to create an album. It might not be this year but that’s one thing I am aiming for.

You played guitar and drums as a kid, right? How did you end up in dance music?
That is correct. As a kid I was interested in any kind of music, not only electronic music but basically everything that sounded interesting to my ears. The introduction to electronic music was when my brother came home with a bag of records, without even having a turntable. After he got a small collection the record player also came and I found it quite interesting. This got me spending all my money on buying records. That is basically where it all began.

Are those formal playing skills good use now, or does it not matter?
The guitar and the drum have always had an influence on me as a producer but I don’t really use any of the technical aspects when I create my music.

Tell us about your new EP for Diynamic, what inspired or influenced it?
I take a lot of pleasure in spending time in the studio and experimenting with different sounds, so I find a lot of inspiration in the actual process of making music. DJing and the vibes that I get from the crowd when I play also have an influence.

How did you approach it, were all the tracks written to be listened to as one whole, do they relate to one another?
The EP explores a series of different moods. As a whole, it dissolves rather than building up so I think that creates an interesting listening experience. But most of the tracks are dance floor oriented and work well on their own.

What gear did you use? Is that important? Do you care about the tools of your trade?
Most of the sounds were create internal. I used for instance a Mini Brute and a Eventide Space with a Really Nice Compressor (that’s the actual name of the compressor) for Brutus Jam. Created some of the hi-hats and percussion sounds from the Nord Drum. To keep it interesting, external gear is important, at least for me. It takes me away from the screen and I enjoy a hands-on approach to music making. It’s different.

Why do you use the setup you do? Why do you prefer it?
You build your own studio in the way that it works best for you. However the setup also evolves; you buy a lot of gear and sell the gear that doesn’t fit in your process. This takes years and is a never ending story.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?
I just moved into my new studio and I am looking forward to lock myself in and bring you a lot of new music this year.

Karmon’s ‘Picture’ is out now on Diynamic Music
Grab it here – https://www.beatport.com/release/picture-karmon/2176175

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