Kintar is an Argentinian born DJ/Producer who now bases himself in Ibiza.

He also runs his own label Sudam Recordings, who have recently been putting on label showcases in Amsterdam and Ibiza, with more to come in Istanbul and Beirut. We caught up with him recently to find out why he made the move to Ibiza, and how he thinks his South American roots have inspired his sound…

“Our music needs to have always emotions and enough groove to fire up any dance floor.”

How are you, what’s good, what’s bad?
Hey I’m fantastic, everything is good right now, living my dream so nothing could be bad.

You live in Ibiza right? What’s that like, does it inspire your music?
Yes, I moved to Ibiza 4 years ago, This island is magic, it helps me to feel what’s going on with the industry and also it inspires me to create music, you can get inspiration after a gig, hanging out with some friends or listening to a random DJ at a beach bar.

Do you make tunes you want to hear in your own DJ sets? Does your DJ sound relate to your studio sound?
I always play my music, it’s the base of my sets. I like to make different sets. I’m traveling a lot and I have the chance to play in different clubs in different environments at different times. Both faces are feeding each other.

How much do you think being from Argentina influences your music, and in what way?
I have the typical Argentinian progressive sound background, but my music is influenced by other cultures like Arabic, Balkan and African.

Tell us about your own label, what music do you look to put out there?
Sudam is a label that always releases Ethnic music since the beginning, and we are focused on creating music with organic elements using ethnic instruments such as flutes, African and Arabic percussions. Our music needs to have always emotions and enough groove to fire up any dance floor. We are trying to go ahead with the sound and be creative, we don’t want to copy other labels sound.

You have more than 100 tunes to your name – how long do you spend in the studio each week? Do ideas come easy?
I’m trying to spend at least 10 hours per week in the studio. When I’m not touring I could even spend 24/7, meanwhile, I also produce on the plane or train, so basically I’m always producing music. I’m so creative, so ideas are always coming…

Do we hear everything you produce? Or do you keep some of it back?
I produce so many tunes. 80% are projects that I keep for myself or even continue working, to leave them unreleased. I also have some tunes that I produce to play in my sets and I keep them private… It’s nice to have music only for you.

What gear have you got in the studio? Are you a hardware or software guy?
I’m working with Adam a7x, RME Fireface 802, Vari-Mu Compressor, Pultec Eq, Api 512 and Manley Pre-amp for voices. Also, I bought a Roland JD-Xi to have some analog flavor and HPD-20 Handsonic Pad to make more organic percussive ideas. I like to work with hardware, but software is so good right now, so fast to work with and the quality is amazing. I love to combine the best of both worlds.

Tell us about your new track on Monaberry – what inspired or influenced it?
Do Doma is the kind of music that could get out of BOg and myself. It has something from the fresh Afro sound and the progression of the progressive. The main breakdown is emotive like a movie soundtrack. I think I went last year to Black Coffee at HI Ibiza and I get attracted to some of the tunes that he was dropping. We spoke with Bogdan to make a collab with an Afro approach close to our sound.

Kintar and BOg’s ‘Do Doma’ is out now on Monaberry BUY

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