Matchy is a German DJ/Producer based in Berlin who creates a variety of different styles whenever he is in the studio.

Known for his versatility, he is equally equipped behind the decks and has his new live set coming soon. With an upcoming gig at Shelter, London this weekend, we caught up with him to find out more about the man behind the music…

“I get my inspiration from going out, clubbing as well as modern and street art”

How are you, what’s good, what’s bad?
I’m fine, thanks. Hope you are too.. I’m really happy, I finally just recently arrived in Berlin and the move is pretty much done. Bad thing.. a lot of bureaucratic stuff that comes with it.

We all know about Berlin and the inspiration it can bring to a person. Where do you head to in Berlin, when you looking for it in particular? Any secret locations you can recommend?
Usually I get my inspiration from going out, clubbing as well as modern and street art.. Berlin is full of it and it starts when I actually just leave my apartment in Schöneberg. I can recommend the Anomalie Club or Johnny Knüppel as Secret location if you like some real underground.

I understand you have recently gone solo. Why is that? What brought it about?
I started producing around 15 years ago (turning 30 this year) – at first Rap beats but quickly changed to electronic music, which had always been more of my thing. Consequently I have been producing quite a while before I met my old colleague and we started djing together. You know.. sometimes interests and style change over the years and it’s better for everyone to go separate ways in order to produce the material you feel most attachment to.

How different will you sound solo than in a duo? Will you learn to need any new skills or anything?
It won’t be much different as I always assumed the part of track production while Yannik took care of our sets and music selection. Then again I’m not a huge fan of producing similar stuff. I love working on different tracks from Deep to Tech, while keeping the special Matchy touch.

And as a DJ, will your sound change as you are now alone? Will you do different things, go in different directions?
I already produced a load of tracks for this year, playing more of my own productions while adding live elements to my sets. My sets live form the development and tension, which I try to build up like a story or a book in several acts. Besides I will be working on a live-set soon.

You play London on Saturday for the first time, at Shelter. What should people expect? What you feeling right now?
Actually I’m pretty close connected to London and really stoked to be back. During my studies I worked and lived in London for a year and absolutely loved the city and people. I can’t wait to give you guys a great time on the dancefloor and play a lot of unreleased tracks for the first time.

How different do you think it will be playing in the UK than Germany? Do you imagine the crowds being much different, reacting differently to the sounds you play?
I’ve been to a couple of clubs in London like Fabric, Ministry of Sound, Xoyo and loved the vibe. I think clubbing to electronic music is a common feeling of letting loose, forgetting the daily grind and just enjoying the moment. This is shared across the whole world without borders, while social pressure is rising. But you can be sure that I’ll definitely give my best to surprise the crowds a little bit this weekend!

Tell us about your latest EP on 3000 Grad Records. What inspired or influenced it?
At the moment I’m actually really into organic sounds and trying to give my electronic music more of a “human touch”. Therefore I worked a lot with natural, recorded drums and strings and invited the singer Oh sleep, who really rounded up the tracks with his voice.

What have you got coming up/are you working on?
My release schedule is pretty much full until May, June already.. Stil vor Talent, Trapez, Click Records, Steyoyoke, Somatic, Lauter Unfug and many more

Can you tell us about the last record you bought and why?
I guess that must have been WhoMadeWho – Dynasty (Denis Horvat Remix).. great track to open a set and getting into the mood.

You can catch Matchy at Shelter, London this Saturday

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