Hailing from Israel but based in Berlin, Moscoman has brought plenty of fresh perspective to house and techno.

His rugged, dark and involving grooves come on his own Disco Halal label as well as many others. As a DJ he serves up intoxicating sets that take you into weird and wonderful worlds of sound and take him everywhere across the world, from Ibiza superclubs to leading festivals. Most recently has served up his entry into Diynamic’s Picture EP series and once again shown off the breadth and depth of his style.

Here we speak to him about that, about working with Solomun and his Ibiza season amongst many other things.

“I’m [also] a very Balearic person”

How has summer been for you, what’s been good or bad?
Everything was really fun, good gigs, and good vibes mostly, A little too hot if you ask me

How do you find playing in Ibiza? Do you have to change your sound a little, as you play quite dark, experimental and edgy stuff? Does it work in the sun? Do you like the challenge of that?
I love playing in Ibiza. It’s Aa really special place, I still stay true to what I love and play the tunes I dig. I’m also a very Balearic person, so it worked, I especially love old dutch trance so I could use many of the classics to brighten up my sets.

How did the Dynamic hook up come about – it’s not one people would have seen coming I think.
Pretty randomly, I got approached by Solomun’s management for a tune in the latest GTA Project, it didn’t really work out at the end, gratefully this led to a great shot at their Picture series.

How did you approach the Picture EP? Did you have a plan for it from the start?
I Had lunch with Solomun, something in the chat really inspired me, I went back to Berlin and just pounded out all the tracks, no plan, just music.

You have said that Solomun gave lots of feedback. What sort of feedback? How did it help? What was he like?
He is a dancefloor beast, he knows exactly what works with all his experience, our chats were very casual, being super supportive as he is, he gave me some really nice tips to look at stuff in a different way, I believe DJs and other producers feedback, especially of ones you appreciate that’s the best way to create a record.

How much does the gear you use define your sound? Do you care much about the how, and the tools of your trade?
I try to be as random as possible, even though I have much gear in the studio, sometimes I use samples from youtube for most parts, sometimes VST, I don’t have a game plan, I just go with the flow of my inspiration, I don’t really justify any use of anything.

There is lots of discussion around artists playing in Israel at the moment. What would you say to them?
Try it and see.

What is the scene like back there, is moving away from the Psy-Trance we often associate with it?
It’s coming back now! Psytrance is still the biggest scene, but never in the clubs, now there is a new sound, Techno-Trance, it’s really cool, get ready for it to be the next big thing.

When and where and how did you first hear dance music? Was it easy to hear more, to buy, to listen to it on the radio and so on, or was it niche, underground?
Tel Aviv always had one of the biggest scenes in the world, from being visited regularly by people like MAW and all the American house DJs, to the trancey sounds of PVD and Digweed, Sasha, I’ve been hanging around in clubs and Djing since I was 17-18

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?
Working on a few more releases, Hopefully, my next LP soon enough. thanks!

“Picture: Moscoman” is NOW AVAILABLE on Diynamic Music BUY

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