We have the pleasure of speaking with Dresden beat machines Raumakustik famed for their take on house and techno. Having just released their latest EP on SUPERFETT, we find out more about their sound, their musical upbringing and the key to making good music…

“Never is it boring”

Hi guys, how are you?
Thank you! Very well!

How has your 2018 been so far?
It’s just february but we have some releases, remixes and some other stuff in the pipeline. Our highlight though is the Pac Man EP on Superfett Records.. It’s just been released on February 5th.

Seriously digging that EP on Superfett! Tell us bit about your relationship with the label and how you came to release with them?
We’ve known personally Superfett Records owner Nhan Solo for a long time. We love his work and Mother Recordings. But unfortunately our demos never fitted 100% to Mother Recordings, because our music was always a bit too hard. 😀

Now we are more than happy to be part his brand-new sister label Superfett Records which is more functional, full on and physical, so perfect for our signature Tech House stuff. Yes, we both are really excited for our Pac Man EP and very looking forward to cooperating with his team and Superfett Records. 🙂

How would you describe your sound?
To describe our music in words is always a difficult thing. We say: our sound has to be simple, catchy and groovy. If we can reach all these elements into one Loop, it’s a good base to develop a new track. All ideas that make our heads bang are good for finishing a track, but all tracks of ours need the crazy Synth-Knarz Sound, then it’s perfect.

What in your opinion are the key elements when producing a track? What do you look to nail first when first hitting the studio?
It´s different, sometimes there is a vocal or a melody and we build the rest of the track around this part. Sometimes we start with a kick, baseline and a hi-hat and build a loop as the base. We dont have any borders in mind and we try every direction. At this time we are working for an Album on Toolroom. It´s an exciting challenge to work on different sounds, beside the normal Techhouse 😉

How did you guys meet? What is the story behind Raumakustik?
We’ve known each other a long, long time. At the beginning we were only music friends. One day we connected all our music stuff, equipment, ideas and all knowhow to start the project “Raumakustik”. It was just fun. Meanwhile music and DJing is our profession and passion.

What is the scene in Dresden like for dance music?
We have a good scene in Dresden. We have some really cool clubs, like Paula, Kleinvieh and TBA Club. Alot of good acts are playing here and Techno grows up very well.

Were you always musical growing up?
Volker is playing Guitar and Violin since his childhood. Seb is playing piano since many many years. Later we got our passion for electronic music.

What inspired you to make electronic music?
With electronic music you can express the diversity and the energy. Never is it boring, everytime you can explore something. Seb’s father is a rock’n’roll musican. He has only his guitar, that’s boring. We need the different sounds, natural or synthetic. Every production is a journey…

Where is your favourite place to travel?
Seb: New York, Mexico, Barcelona… It’s really crazy, where we are because of our music!

Volker: I love places on the ocean. even when there is a beach, stones or cliffs. Then it feels like a small holiday trip.

What does the future hold for Raumakustik? Any further goals or ambitions to achieve?
We’ve been working on some remixes and of course on our debut album on Toolroom. We are very curious, if our fans love our ideas. There are some surprises inside 🙂

Pac Man is out now! Grab it here

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