SEFF is a house veteran but one still very much with the skills and the energy to be turning out essential new tunes.

He has seen many different scenes and sounds come and go over the last twenty years and so knows what it takes to stay relevant. Already this year he has plenty of new EPs lined-up on labels like Swerve Digital, New Violence and Mirror Numbers amongst others, which will all help him do that. As such we talked to him about all this, his festive period and what hopes and goals he has for the new year.

“…don’t “have too much fun” at gigs, it’s not a good look”

How was xmas and new year for you, did you have a good one?
Hi guys, Xmas for me was actually pretty cool for once (I’ve just not felt it these last few years) we just had a good old house party over at a friend’s house and on New Years I was actually extremely sober and working away in the Studio (I know not the norm but there’s a first for everything as they say) and to be honest I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Do you have goals, hopes and dreams for the new year?
Always, my main one is to get my brand ‘Mirror Numbers’ worldwide with the label showcases and of course just to keep watching it grow, I put so much hard work into everything to do with it alongside all of the stuff that I also do for other labels and engineering stuff too as well as everything else in between, I barely ever even sleep right now. But, like I say I hope it all pays off as I already can see it doing so. Also I hope to reside in Ibiza again this summer (but actually work). Also the normal thing of just wanting to travel the world , playing my music to so many likeminded people.

After 20 years in the game what keeps you enthused? What keeps you going?
Passion! that’s it really it’s quite simple the absolute love that I have for music doesn’t compare to anything. There’s always the ups and the downs in this game and some of the downs are really hard to cope with but you have to experience those lows like that to even want to get better. I’m very grateful for all of the lows just as much as I am the highs.

How hard has it been to stay relevant, stay in the scene?
Very! there’s so many great and young artists coming through the ranks now that it’s pretty ridiculous the way that the agents are snapping them up after one good track on say Beatport for example and they get very swallowed up by it all (I’ve been there myself so I know this first hand). I personally had to take a bit of a break for a while (probably not the best idea with having to stay relevant) but the whole new cheap sounding ‘Tech’ thing just frustrated me so much that I jut wanted to be well away from all of that as much as possible to be honest. This year is going to be amazing for our scene though, it’s already showing.

What are the biggest changes you have seen in that time? What’s better or worse now than in the 90s?
That’s always a hard question so I’m just going to keep it simple really and say the music, the technology, the productions and all this crazy productions at events too. And of-course the drugs (am I allowed to say that? 😉

You have loads of new music coming this year. Are you always writing, or only when a label asks for stuff?
I am always writing, only about 10 percent of my tracks actually make it out of the studio to be fair. But yes, like right now Jame Jones is asking me for stuff for Hot Creations as well as other big labels but I’m just very picky as to what I put out nowadays and rightly so I think.

Tell us a bit more about your label and what plans you have for 2018 for the label?
Yeah basically all what I said in the question above really. This has been a dream of mine to be able to take my own label around the world doing events in some of the best clubs in the world. I also have my monthly radio shows on both Pioneer DJ Radio and Data Transmission radio every month under the same name and to just keep getting more really amazing artists onboard an seeing it grow from strength to strength.

Where do you start? Can you hear tunes in your head or do you just experiment?
Normally a bit of both really, I’m forever experimenting so they both pretty much come both hand in hand for me when it comes to this, I’m not sure you’re never not experimenting when it comes to making music.

What gear do you use, does that matter? Have you any favourite bits of kit?
I use lots to be honest, but mainly my MacBook Pro running Logic X through a nice new big Curved screen which is great for arrangements and also era of other stuff. I use a Moog SubPhatty, Maschine Studio and all of the Roland Aira gear. My first outboard synth the Virus TI still comes in really handy and of course I can’t forget my trusty Genelec monitors, Mackie Bigknob controller and the good old HD25 Aluminium headphones for later night sessions that roll into the next day, that happens too much.

What are the most important or hardest lessons you have learnt so far in your career?
There’s a few and very honest ones too, basically just don’t trust everyone that promises you the world because they will just drop you like a hat as soon as it suites them. This is a very dog eat dog industry and actually much more money driven in the underground scene than most people would even think. I hate this and had to take a break for a while to regather my thoughts on it all which has done me the world of good.

Also don’t “have too much fun” at gigs, it’s not a good look.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?
I have my ‘Vinyl To The Groove’ EP coming on Jamie Jone’s Hot Creations sister label HotTrax with a remix but I’m not sure who by yet and dying to know who it’s going to be. I have lots more releases coming up too on various labels but the main aim is to get some of my own stuff properly locked in for release on ‘Mirror Numbers’ of course.

SEFF’s ‘Reach’ Ep is out soon on Swerve Digital

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