For Germany’s The Glitz, it was the mid-90s where they found their love for house and techhouse music.

As a duo, The Glitz was created in 2007 after respectable solo careers of its members. From there, their first EP “White Line” was a huge success, finding them in many DJ playlists and other electronic music charts around the world. Their following releases “Chatter” and “Tenga,” “Silbersee”, “Last Panther” and “Red Leaves” all built on this early success, while labels like Material, Ideal, Voltage Musique and Pocketgame have continued to support the duo and their kind of electronic music.

The keen sense for the right sound at the right moment makes the guys convincing as producers but also as a DJ-Team. Throughout the world, people love their energetic sets, but also their passion behind the decks. So, sit back and behold The Glitz in all their exclusive mixtape glory.

The Glitz’ “Chubby Cheek” EP is now available on Desert Hearts

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1. Andreas Henneberg – Skylls (unreleased)
2. The Glitz – Chubby Cheek
3. The Glitz – Tripponance (unreleased)
4. The Glitz – Nice Guys
5. Natch! & Dothen – Supaman
6. Autograf – Metaphysical (Teenage Mutants Remix)
7. Whoami – 7 Days
8. DJ T. Feat. Nick Maurer – The Growing (Emanuel Satie Remix)
9. Not Usual – Pression
10. Wehbba – Mechanics of Machines
11. Jark Prongo – Movie Thru Your System (unreleased edit)
12. Rene Amesz – Clan Nancy
13. Tocadisco & Cari Golden – Smoke And Mirrors
14. Zombie Nation – Workhorse
15. Andreas Henneberg – Transitioniser (unreleased)