Phon.o’s heart as his mind feel most drawn to the bricolage. Conjuring his very own melange with sounds taken from hip hop, dub, baltimore, house, dubstep and techno Phon.o is known for his exstatic live and DJ-sets.

With realeases and collaborations on highly praised outlets like Boysnoize Records, Bpitch Control and most recently Tectonic and 50WEAPONS where he also released his seminal album “Black Boulder”, he´s beem priviliged to work with some of electronic music greatest afficionados: Modeselektor, Funkstörung, Mixhell, Apparat, Sinkane you name them. Continuously working on advancing his sound even more Phon.o has been invited to show his skills in worldwide workshops by some of the worlds leading companies in music software, Native Instruments and Ableton and also regularly contributes to their products with crafted sounds of his own making.

He is currently finishing the follow up to his brilliant stripped down UK club EP “Afterglow” for Pinch´s legendary label Tectonic. In summer of 2016 Phon.o released another EP “Fractions” for Bpitch Control for those of his fans hailing the 4/4 edge of his groove. Here, Phon.o provides 60 minutes of eclectic grooves as only he can.

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808 STATE – In Yer Face (Bicep Remix)
LUCA LOZANO – Super Rhythm
KINK – Pocket Piano (Breakbeat Mix)
NOIR – Lumiere Brilliante (Phon.o Remix)
PHON.O – Tweetz
ANNE CLARK – Sleeper In Metropolis (Jordan’s Nocturne Edit)
MERIMELL – Getting Hot
PHON.O – Brooklyn Shuffle
TOM TRAGO – Being Broke
SPECIAL REQUEST – Reset It (Head High Remix)
MARTYN – Jah Bedouin
PHON.O – Fractions