LA by way of Tel Aviv DJ/Producer Mor Elian makes music to bridge the gap between Techno and House, with an energy that’s ideal for those post-club, afterparty moments.

Over the past ten years or so, Elian has become a regular in LA’s distinctive House and Techno underground. She hosts a weekly radio program on Dublab, has been featured on Boiler Room, and has shared the stage with the likes of Matthew Dear, Jamie xx, Claude Young, Roy Davis Jr., Delroy Edwards, Oneman, Ikonika, and Cosmin TRG.

Of all these artists, however, it’s Trus’me who signed her to his Prime Numbers imprint, releasing her debut 12″, “323 to Plaza.” With more releases on the way, and now, fully bi-continental (splitting her time between LA & Berlin), we’re sure to be hearing a lot more from this talented artist. In the meantime, though, indulge in this exclusive mixtape, Mor Elian was gracious enough to provide.

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