Lee Reynolds has a lifetime’s worth of experience bringing the weird and the wonderful to the dancefloor, earning his cred up and down the West Coast’s dustier institutions––Moontribe, Moonshake, LiB.

It was here where he developed his endlessly wide palate, penchant for mysticism, and an understanding that a dance party should be a spiritual experience. In 2011, alongside Mikey Lion, Deep Jesus, Marbs, and Porkchop, Reynolds formed Desert Hearts and the rest is history in motion. Over the past few years of the crews relentless touring, “Papa” Lee Reynolds has developed into the patriarch of the fastest growing and most visible cultural movement in all of stateside dance music.

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In fact, we were down in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago where Desert Hearts took over the borough’s latest hotspot Schimanski (although moved from the more industrial feeling The Sonic Jungle – assumingly by the “powers that be”). On the night Kenny Glasgow set the tone for the entire crew to come, while the talented Tara Brooks closed things down perfectly. A communal vibe echoed through the psychedelically designed production elements, while its crisp sound system kept everything smooth and balanced. Expect the same, only in a much, MUCH bigger capacity as Desert Hearts unleashes the 2017 edition of their famed festival. If you’re there and see us, come by and say Hi!

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1. Silicone Soul – Venom
2. Click Click & DJ Glen – Birdhain
3. Gorkiz – Voice
4. Danniel Selfmade – Cut Off
5. Tomy Wahl – Clarisse 14
6. Arun Verone – Somebody
7. Andres Blows – Reset
8. Lucien Foort – Thievery (Luigi Rocca Remix)
9. Sante Sansone – Lost
10. Demarzo – Loft
11. Danny Serrano, Alexander Aurel & Danny Serrano – Collapse
12. Pablo Inzunza – Little Helper 150-12
13. Paolo Rocco – Judgement (Detlef’s ‘Drags Me’ Remix)
14. Andre Butano & Miguel Lobo – Chop Suey
15. Mendo & Yvan Genkins – Breaks
16. Phonotrip – Modern Jazz

lee reynolds-desert-hearts-mixtape

31 March – 3 April | Desert Hearts Festival 2017 | Tickets | Los Cayotes Indian Reservation, CA