Last year, the independent musical jet setters of Britta Arnold and Unders met to form the kindred duo Britta Unders.

You can read all about their origin story in our interview below, but, long story short, these kindred spirits breathe music as shown on the likes of Katermukke and Einmusika, while remixing the likes of Nico Stojan & JAW, Be Svendsen, Arman Miran, and Jonas Saalbach. Their transportive DJ sets have brought them from Amsterdam’s The Gardens of Babylon to Burning Man, Fusion Festival, and Ibiza’s WooMoon, to name a few.

It is from the aforementioned WooMoon event where Britta Unders have provided this very special live mix from its opening party. And, as mentioned, we managed to grab a few words with the duo to get inside the minds of of the the preeminent acts in the world electronic music spectrum.

Soundcloud – Britta Arnold Soundcloud – Unders

How did you two meet each-other?
We met at Katerblau last February when Unders filled in for the closing slot of a cancelled act at her bi-monthly night Grrr Mit Brrr. After 6 hours at the Heinz Hopper Britta came to introduce herself and ask to please not stop any time soon. We spent the next 14 hours running around Katerblau and booked a flight the next day to make music. A week later we joined eac hother in the studio and made 3 tracks in 4 days and a day later we organically shared the decks in Belgium.

When did this act start?
Beginning of 2016 we played together a week after we met, a unplanned b2b session at Vaag in Belgium which gave a spark of light for what was to come. Next official shows together were Wilde Renate in Berlin 2 months later, a surprise Birthday show for Britta at Shoeless in Amsterdam and a 12 hour b2b set at Katerblau.

Very shortly after that we had the chance to play Bachstelzen together at Fusion Festival and this momentum kicked off the future of all the other shows which came at us very organically. It’s only been 1 week since we have been on a roster together at We Are E. Our agents off course also played a big supporting role over the past year and we’re excited for everything thats coming.

What do you like to most about playing together?
Its nice to have your buddy / sidekick with you at all times. Someone you can fall back on, someone who surprises you and keeps you sharp at the same time. Obviously the travelling together becomes much easier, the flying, the hotel rooms, the dinners, the hangovers, the meeting so many new people, the taking care of each other and the power naps off course. Also we have many future plans and share similar dreams.

Exciting future plans we need to know about?
We are launching our own label in October called ‘Happy Camper’ together with the talented Noraj cue. Some unique art coming up on that with some of our favourite artist friends and super talents we meet along the way that deserve more attention. Britta has a new studio in the new Kater complex in Berlin and Unders has a new pair of Studio Monitors and the both of us are thrilled to spend more time in the studio as opposed to airports. Many interesting ideas together, solo projects, remix requests and inspiration for the weeks to come. We would love to have a bit more studio time but we are in the middle of making our plans a reality to spend less times in airplanes and hotels and spend this time in a studio without missing the gigs. More details about this very soon. On top we have an exciting summer schedule this summer playing together in Ibiza, Garbicz festival, Thuishaven, Tomorrowland and heading to Burning Man again which is always a highlight of the year.