For the past decade, Few Nolder he has released EPs on SODAI and Connoisseur, and an LP on cult label Planet Mu.

The talented Lithuanian’s route to the world of House and Techno isn’t a linear one. Having worked with operatic music, composers and several live music projects over the past few years, he now finds himself comfortably on the international stage at clubs and festival’s worldwide.

With a new EP on Needwant, ‘Porcelain’ out now (featuring Octo Octa remix), Few Nolder delivers this exclusive mix. Also, we caught up with the artist to discuss his process behind the creation of ‘Porcelain,’ which you can reed in the interview below!

“Porcelain” is NOW AVAIABLE on Needwant Records

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We’re speaking here anticipating your latest EP ‘Porcelain,’ which has just become available. What was the very first aspect of, what would become this release, that came to you? Was it a particular sound? Feeling?
‘Porcelain’ is bright and chill summer EP with infectious drums and steady bass confidence. The idea behind the Porcelain track was to make a track feel fragile as the material itself, but with enough punch to travel from China to Europe and around the world. Percussion pitched as pottery, hired strings as background in 17th century estate, but lets not get lost in too deep.

The release is also your second on Needwant. Explain what it is about the label and the people behind it that work with this EP and with you as an artist?
I have been in touch with Needwant (Sean) for few years already, we have worked together on many different levels before and have mutual respect. The label itself has good response and quality, so I am very glad to release my music through Needwant as one of my output platforms.

Handling remix duties on the EP is New York’s Octo Octa. How did she come to be involved on this release? What is it about Octo Octa that makes her a name to watch?
Actually, when I am asked to point remix artists for my music, Its almost easier to make another version of the track myself then to think of someone remixing it. If I remember correctly, we were searching for unusual twist of the original material and none of my options fit at the moment, so I agreed that the label with track down their special artist to complete the remix. The result is amazingly deep track and it fits the EP great!

How are you seeing the current electronic music climate in Lithuania these days? Anyone new and exciting we should know about?
I think there is new generation coming and changing this climate for the better as it does everywhere. But the ones that really make noise consistently in the underground scene per years are my friends Manfredas (Les Disques De La Mort) with his epic SMALA parties (Opium Club, Vilnius) and Gardens Of God (Ellum) with techno sets around the world. There are few more of course, but this is the alumni.

Finally, how has your summer been going? Has it been much more demanding than past summers? How do you manage to maintain your health and mindfulness while going through the intense travel schedule?
We don’t really have that much of a sunny summer here in Northern Europe. But that is even better for productive profile, because you are less tempted to go out instead you perfect your skills.
I am having an amazing last 6 moths of creative routine while working on few projects at the same time. To be honest, while writing this interview my laptop just went out of space because of the new music thats has been made recently. I was not doing many gigs recently and was focusing on new music production. Which has just started to drop one after the other recently and this is an exciting time for me! I am doing my routine swimming pool, park walks almost everyday and enjoy all of it.


Few Nolder – Clouds 17
Howling – Phases (Toto Chiavetta Colour Zero)
Matthias Tanzmann – Coffee Clouds (Andhim Remix)
Isolee – Pisco
Matrixxman – Rites
Few Nolder – Porcelain
Dominik Eulberg & Essay – Dream Machine
Toby Tobias – Gravitator
Gheist – Final Chords
Tchami – Adieu
Just Her – Follow You down (Oliver Schories Remix)
Here Is Why – Tonight (Adam Port 12” Autobahn Edit)