Over the past two years Öona Dahl has garnered the attention of an eclectic group of underground music lovers.

Veering effortlessly from electronica to ambient and back again with a penchant for standout melodic techno and house along the way, Öona Dahl’s DJ sets are the kind of experience witnessed at Desert Hearts sunrises, Symbiosis Gatherings, and (of course) the dusty plains of The Playa. As a Producer, she has released on the likes of Igloo-Rec, Stripped and All Day I Dream.

Now, Öona Dahl has her debut artists album out coming via Hallucienda. Entitled ‘Holograma,’ the album is 50 minutes of proper album experience made by an artist who’s now found both her feet and, her voice, across the full spectrum of electronic music. With this offering unique offering of ambience, cosmic warehouse tracks and vocal electronica now available, Öona Dahl sets the mood with this exclusive mix!

“Holograma” is NOW AVAILABLE on Hallucienda

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1. Pablo Bolivar & In2Deep – Eve
2. Robert R. Hardy – Last Indos (Nicholas Van Orton Remix)
3. Idham & f.a.f.a.u – Aksara (Nissim Gavriel Remix)
4. Ryan Davis – Brun (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix)
5. Mike Griego – People Change (Mono Electric Orchestra Remix)
6. One Of Them – Niko It’s A Bad Dream (Sean Palm & Xatt Xavier’s Gravity Pimp Remix)
7. Barry Jamieson – A Never Ending Thought
8. Damabiah – Sur Les Genoux D L´Automne
9. Hammer – May Ray
10. The Invariants, Elkan – Ritzy featuring Elkan
11. Ugoluna – Kukenan

Featured Image: Roshi Littlelight Sariaslan