The latest from Sid Le Rock – “Sink or Swim” is available today and provides another three reasons this Canadian is such a hot ticket these days.

Currently residing in Berlin – Le Rock has numerous great releases under his belt, on labels such as Mute Records, Kompakt, My Favorite Robot, Shitkatapult, hafendisko, and his own label Beachcoma. Over a decades worth of electrifying audiences worldwide, compiled with his signature sound is what solidified Sid Le Rock as a reputable performer/producer unto this present day.

Now, with the new EP out we had Sid Le Rock provide us with this exclusive mixtape!

“Sink or Swim” is NOW AVAILABLE on hafendisko BUY

Soundcloud Artist Page


01) Lydmor & Bon Homme – Dreams of Fire (Johannes Brecht remix)
02) Sid Le Rock – Ear falls (coming soon to Dantze Records)
03) Smash TV – Nishiki – My Favorite Robot Records
04) Marc Houle – I Don’t Want to Watch You Read (The Golden Filter remix)
05) Alex Niggemann – Angular
06) Mayer & Kölsch – Dogma 1 – IPSO Records
07) Inxec & Gil Montiel – Owls (Arthur Oskan Remix)
08) Tim Green – Headless Stride
09) Lehar – Magical Realism
10) Holtoug – Stay in Love (Acid Pauli’s Bone Drone remix)