Two actors from a different world became the very souls to push your buttons: ATAXIA

2017 has been the production pair’s busiest year yet. After kicking it off with their release for Leftroom Records, “Rickaverse EP” was then their second appearance for Matt Tolfrey’s family of labels. ATAXIA immediately answered back with their “Acid Overlook EP” on Nervous Records making it into many crates around the world. This was followed up in summer with the acid tinged “The Supertouch” EP, which came out on Seth Troxler‘s Play It Say It imprint on 7 July.

Additionally, they have held down an 8 year DJ residency at Detroit’s TV Lounge, and make regular appearances at The Marble Bar. No strangers to juggling projects, the group also maintains a steady presence on web radio, hosting Paxahau Radio with the team behind Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival, as well as running ATAXIA’s monthly program, RADIO NIGHT MACHINES on – every 4th Sunday at 10:00pm EST!

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E-Unity – “Morty”
Noel Jackson – “Intention” (Oshana Remix)
Seph – “Motion”
Luke Hess & Sascha Dive – “Polyphonic Minds” (Delano Smith Remix)
JC Laurent – “Fluctating Severity” (Doomwork No End Remix)
PNVN – “Unknown process”
Butane – “Ultramax”
Mancini – “Just Music”
Mathew Jonson & Ryan Crosson “Robots of Dawn”
Okain – “Radio Therapy”
Cold – “Moonlight”
Francesco Mami – “Alia”
Africans With Mainframes – “Sense Of Place Strength Of Being” 
Move D – “Roll Split”
Juju & Jordash – “Soggy Bottom”