2017 has seen Kincaid and Sinàl rapidly forging a diverse with, at times, an almost unplaceable sound, spanning a myriad of genres, gaining wide support and boasting an already impressive discography.

Their debut EP ‘Maritza’ on Of Unsound Mind, displayed a range of dark electronics. Following this, the pair created a remix for rising stars, Kotu, released on Nie Weider Schlafen. A second follow up EP ‘Adnim’, on Of Unsound Mind, again confirmed the duo’s constantly evolving repertoire.

Their ‘Long-Haul’ EP, championed by Jonas Rathsman on his label ELEMENTS, saw the pair continue to rise, reaching the number 1 spot in the ‘Leftfield House & Techno’ Beatport Charts and remaining unchallenged for weeks.

Here, take a listen to Kincaid and Sinàl as they bring this exclusive mix!

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Indian Ocean – School Bell/Treehouse (Pezzner edit)
Die Orangen – One Day In Shepparton
Kincaid & Sinal – Sexualistic
Cratebug – Watch Yourself
Die Orangen – Yaranabe
JD Twitch – Olaiya
Gianmaria Coccoluto – Dance On Salsa
Stefano Ritter – Sanctus
Fantastic twins – Shake It
Pépé Bradock – Wonderbra
Ploy – Number 24
Kincaid & Sinàl – Iodine
Sebastopol – Manethon (Privacy Remix)
Kincaid & Sinàl – Long Haul Flight Bathroom Romance Scene
Doses – Beach Kisses (Sendo Edit)
Kincaid & Sinal – Arlo