David Jach represents a new generation of musicians, who rely on their own feelings rather than the next “great hype”.

Still, his sound manages to sneak in between the almost identical sounding tracks of the Beatport Top20. However, David Jach does not only count on his vinyl productions but also on his live qualities. The freshness of his performance is perfect Open-Air-Days and Club nights, some of which he celebrates on a regular basis with his own event “Ich & Du Open Air”. Colourful, slightly soaked with groovy-house and deep sound elements, always a bit nostalgic but at the same time several steps ahead of the usual burbling techno-releases.

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01. Ii Faces – Need Yur
02. Malin Genie – Bloom
03. Diego Krause – Minutia
04. Burnski – Faith
05. Mihai Popoviciu – Everything With You
06. East End Dubs – Enhance
07. Lauren Lo Sung – Worthless
08. NTFO – Bottom To Top
09. Kalk – Äkäsha (Re-Edit)
10. Disk – Soleness
11. St Germain – Rose Rouge (Edit)