Known as a globally touring DJ and the man behind OFF Recordings, the recent past saw massive changes for Andre Crom.

In the past months Crom has showcased the darker side of his style with thundering releases on imprints such as 100%% Pure, Sleaze, and Ovum, exploring the borders between House and Techno. Warm and raw saturated beats meet melodic and rhythmic themes, which add hook-factor and character to the grooves. The resulting tracks and songs are as dancefloor-effective as they are emotional.

With a new OFF Recordings EP, “Consciusness” out this week (featuring BEC remix), Andre Crom has put together a very special, personal mix as the number TWO HUNDRED in our mix series. In his own words, Andre describes the mix as:

“For this selection I focused on either my personal or my label’s material, presenting a lot of unreleased tracks for the first time, to create a showcase of where I’m at right now musically. It’s a journey with elements of electronica, house, spacy and groovy techno, laid out in the classical way of a club night – starting deep before going through its peak time, finishing with more emotional music. I hope you enjoy listening to this mix as much as i enjoyed compiling it!”

“Consciousness” is available 23 March on OFF Recordings PRE ORDER

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0.00 – Matrixxman – Horizon – Dekmantel
5.00 – Drumcomplex – Complex – OFF Recordings
10.00 – Andre Crom – Work It – Ovum
15.00 – Andre Crom – Mind Control – WEBBA Remix – Sleaze (out on 23.4.18)
19.00 – Uncertain – Music – OFF Recordings (out soon)
23.00 – Andre Crom – Chordal – Ovum
28.00 – Andre Crom – Feel – Ovum
32.00 – Andre Crom – Dione – Sleaze (out on 23.4.18)
36.00 – Andre Crom – Resonance – OFF Recordings (out 23.3.18)
42.00 – Rohar – Pieces – OFF Recordings (out soon)
48:00 – DEAS – Monotheism – OFF Recordings
52.00 – Arnaud Rebotini – unnamed – OFF Recordings (out soon)
58.00 – Tom Hades – Balance – OFF Recordings (out 20.4.18)