N/UM (pronounced noom) is a New York live electronic trio made up of five time Grammy Award winning mastering engineer and producer Jeremy Loucas, guitarist of world-renowned rap group Residente (Calle13) Elias Meister and Danish multi-instrumentalist and producer Emil Bovbjerg.

Using analog synthesizers, drum machines, guitar and voice in live composition, the three long time friends have always shared a deep passion for House Music having recorded and performed together in different formations over the past decade, now capable of capturing major dance floors with unique immediacy and spontaneity. heir brand of pure, free improvisation can be felt at places where it a rarity: festivals, nightclubs and underground warehouse parties including The Panther Room at Output, Mono, Flash, Mixmag Lab NY and others.

Each performance or recording by N/UM is unique and improvised, with no pre-composed songs, no plan or structure agreed upon. Their debut album “Zebra” on Duro gained wide international recognition with its playful freeform single-take-odyssey format. Now, putting the finishing touches on two new EPs, N/UM has put together this most special mix of all originally produced material in their trademark style.

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