As a multi-instrumentalist growing up in Pakistan, Lost Boy found himself a part of many projects in his early life – playing the sitar, guitar, singing and drumming in a death metal band.

Currently, he is 1/2 of Talal & Zoi, a DJ/Producer duo that has released on Dirtybird, Rawthentic, Kindish and Traum. Additionally, Lost Boy’s record label + art collective, ‘For The People,’ is a Toronto-based company who have released tracks from Frivolous, Hauy, Nature of Music, El Mundo, Saqib, Sam Jaspersohn and Talal & Zoi, while also hosting festivals and events. This past January, Lost Boy also released his 14-track album, “1987”, via For The People, deviating from the Talal & Zoi sound with an indie, DIY ethos.

Inspired by the heartbeat of the Sufi drum, Lost Boy produces electronic music encompassing both the traditional and the experimental, which can now also be heard via this original track-only mix.

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Lost Boy – In Truth
Lost Boy – CIGZ
Lost Boy – Thanks Yu
Lost Boy – Cigz
Lost Boy – Notise
Lost Boy – Sum Beer
Lost Boy – Sometimes
Lost Boy – nDsco
Lost Boy – Dead Flowers
Lost Boy – JENCUI
Lost Boy – Lakes
Lost Boy – It’s Gone
Lost Boy – Taimur
Lost Boy – There Must Be
Lost Boy – 1987