From the very first instant of his sets, Milo Häfliger prepares listeners for an astonishing journey, inviting them to reconnect with their true selves.

In the heart of unconsciousness, underlined by refined world sounds and highly emotional melodies, one gets seized by a world of sweetness with melancholic accents. The music selected by Milo raises stunning emotions and brings about strong messages, aiming to bring people together, opens their minds and lead us to forgotten values such as sharing, meeting, discovering.

Here, let Milo Häfliger show you how as he brings a very special mix to our series alongside a in depth interview proving the breadth and sincerity of his musical mission.

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In my research on your musical background, I see that one of your earliest activities was playing the cello. Can you tell us a little about how you chose that instrument? How far did you go with it?
Since the age of 3 I always wanted to create music but struggled with the wide range of instruments. When I first saw a Cello playing I was impressed by the senseful vibrations of its wooden body and the beautiful sounds of its open strings. I started to learn to play the Cello until the age of 16 where I needed to choose between the instrument and sports besides my academic career. I decided the second one, what does not mean that I’ve never played the Cello again. It is a very emotive instrument that can be played in very different ways what makes particularly expressive and interesting.

Now, as a DJ, how would you relate your knowledge of classical and orchestral music to the contrition of a set or a studio mix?
My love for classical music had been very intense since my first encounter with it. The understanding of the complexities of rhythm really help me to build up a set that is approximately likely to the emotive character of an orchestra. Also it helps me finding the balance between the different sounds of a whole track.

What can you tell us about this mix and how it was put together?
I wanted to create a special set that is different to a studio-mix. So a few of my friends and me teamed up to do a small party up in the Swiss mountains. We installed a nicely decorated DJ booth on a small platform where usually hikers rest for a while and enjoy the sunshine. Luckily the sun was shining through the whole afternoon and the trippy music fit perfectly with the atmosphere. That’s where this mix was given birth…

Human connection seems to be a big part of your philosophy toward music. Why would you say that is so? Do you feel like there is a lack of connection in the modern world?
It definitely is one of the key factors of my philosophy towards music. Music unifies people and creates special bonds among them. It’s amazing how people are able to connect with each other on an emotional level through music. They might not know each other personally but still understand how they are feeling. Especially nowadays we find ourselves in a period of digitalization and individualization in a high-performance society with a lack of human connection. The more technologized our society gets, the more blurred the lines between the real and the virtual become and I think music is one of the few ways providing a voice against this system. Music treats important issues and with the help of the internet, Soundcloud in particular, people are able to join together to share similar views about the world and how to change it for the better. I think that music really has the power to save an human touch in the digital age and future.

You play at some of the world’s most exotic locations, including performances in places like Egypt, Tunisia, India, and Istanbul. Where do these countries and cultures fall into your creative influences?
When I’m working on new music or other personal projects, I often get stuck and need to find a new source of inspiration. Travels to exotic locations like Cairo, Bangalore, Istanbul or Tulum (and many more) inspire me a lot. Even though mostly I spend only a few hours in a specific place my memories and impressions don’t fade away. Certainly because of the new cultures I discover, the amazing people I meet and the delicious food I eat. This brings with me tons of inspirations. Inspiration, to express these findings trough music. Inspiration taken from the openness and the warmth of the multi-cultural people. Often I come home with a total inspiration overdose.

What are some places you are particularly looking forward to visiting (as an artist or personally) in the coming months?
In particular, I’m looking forward to do a short tour through South America. Alongside countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Mexico I can’t wait to team up with the amazing crews called MBR in Brasil and Shaveurlegs in Dominican Republic. I have never visited South America before so I’m really excited to discover the cultures with all their characteristics and special features. Another long anticipated collaboration that I’m particularly looking forward to is with Do Not Sit on the Furniture and is going to take place at Heart Ibiza and in Miami.

Another aspect of touring is the fact that it does have rigors on the body and mind from time to time. Do you have an approach to mindfulness that keep you grounded during periods of extended travels?
Since I’m still occupied with my studies I don’t travel as much as other artists. But even three or four international dates a month have their rigors on the body and mind. Above all, I try to be present in that very moment, regardless which activity. Extended travels sometimes provoke a lot of physical and emotional stress so I try to stay sane and healthy by eating clean and slow food, working out on a regular basis and, above all, staying connected to nature. In particular, I feel a strong connection to mountains. It happens quite often that I spend some time up in the mountains after extended travels. Hiking allows me to put one foot in front of the other and allows me the opportunity to be fully present whereas I’m able to witness the beauty of nature every step of the way.

Finally, tell us anything about your upcoming projects, releases or gigs that you would like:
I have several projects in the pipeline that I would love to work on. As I will have finished my M sc next year I’ll have more time to spend in the studio. I can’t wait to be able to continue all these unfinished projects.