Jemu is an electronic music producer and DJ whose draws from R&B, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass and Downtempo.

Inspired by the eclectic musical tastes of his family and his own explorations into Hip Hop and Liquid Drum & Bass, Jemu has developed a natural ear for emotive chords and rhythms over the years. Now, what started as a hobby, has developed into a life-long obsession with the goal of creating music without being constrained by lack of musical or technical freedom.

This approach has resulted in his debut EP, “Rayban Funk”, a 3-track collection of Soulful House cuts for Fly Boy Records family.

“Rayban Funk” is NOW AVAILABLE on Fly Boy Records BUY

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1. Adam Port – Do You Still Think Of Me
2. Jon Sable & Huerta – Alishan Forest Railway
3. St Germain – Sittin’ Here
4. Chaos In The CBD – Global Erosion
5. Moon Rocket & MoBlack – Gafara
6. Midland – Diving Bell
7. Nicholas – Black Juniper
8. Seb Wildblood – Jazz Vol.1 (Christopher Rau Remix)
9. Will Lister – Sunset Over St Peter’s Spire
10. Pablo Bolivar – Cleaning The Sky
11. Jemu – Rayban Funk