Maximalism is the duo of Alicia and Max, the couple from different musical backgrounds with an inseverable soul bond and an aspiration toward transcendence.

Here, after a handful of singles featured on our channel, Maximalism’s Max describes this, their first feature-length mix (entitled – Reset Settings) for us:

“There are 2 kinds of DJs – those who keep everything in one sound and genre – only Techno, only House, or only Progressive, and those who mix everything.

Alicia and Me like a lot of different music. When Alicia starts choosing the tracks she always takes a more deep house feel. With me, it’s always groovy, atmospheric, more techno sounding tunes. We didn’t argue who’s music is better, we simply decided to mix everything together and be like the 2nd type of DJ 🙂

The process of choosing tracks is very difficult because there are too many identical tracks on the market and to find really interesting sounding tracks that could fit each other in the mix is quite hard. We really don’t care if we don’t use the latest releases for the same reason above. Our aim is to find non-trivial tracks, and their combinations, to mix them into one journey.

We really like to create an “emotional roller-coaster” in our mixes – from dark to bright like Sundroina – Jimi Jules remix to Nick Hoppner – Diana. Also, we like to mash-up tracks as it gives in to our individuality and freshness for the original. Practically every track in the mix has some hi-hats or percussions from another. You can hear mash-up clearly on Mattheis – Bessel Functions and Raam – 7 Skudge remix where 2 basslines (groovy from Skudge remix and progressive one from Mattheis) are playing simultaneously.

Moreover, we always pay great attention to the intro and outro. In the intro, we try to “reset people’s settings” and prepare people to the mix itself. In our mix, the intro was completely made by Alicia and her Nord Electro layering and looping piano sounds with effects. The outro is also very important because it is what emotions are left with people.”

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