REVIBE Podcast By Artbat

Over the last couple of years, Artbat‘s powerful and inventive sound can be heard around the world from intimate dance floors to huge arenas with energy and drive.

Since mid-2015, the Ukrainian dyo has put out more then 12 releases across labels like Diynamic, Suara, Eklektisch, and more, with their fryhide release, ‘Tabu’ receiving huge support and feedback from the whole electronic music underground. After the big success that track, Artbat recently returned to fryhide with “Papillon” another track currently tearing things up both on the charts and on the floor.

With all this, Artbat now joins us in the mix with a very special selection in association with REVIBE. With a new energy gel designed specifically the music scene, REVIBE is specially formulated with ravers in mind. Vegan-friendly and with no caffeine, REVIBE replenishes what the body loses through dancing, allowing you to remain fully fuelled and hydrated.

Artbat’s ‘Papillon’ is out now on fryhide BUY