Born into a family of musicians, it came as no surprise to see a young Florian Rietze lay the foundations of what would later manifest into an unyielding love for music.

Based in Potsdam, this young producer & dj has already received recognition from many within the European electronic music scene. Having initially been vested to the hip hop and breakdance culture, 2005 saw Florian Rietze take his first steps towards the electronic music scene when he attended SonneMondSterne.

Florian is on a quest of continuously refining the sound of his music. Just like renowned composer John Cage once said,  “Everything we do is music”, Florian too finds inspiration for his music in the sounds of streets, in people’s voices, in silence and nature, and above all – in the ordinary and extraordinary of real life.

We are excited to share Florian Rietze‘s view of the musical landscape with mix #244.