Hungry Music was born from the chance encounter of three artists, each with their own universe, but a common taste in sound esthetic.

They naturally gathered to work on a project allowing them to produce the kind of music they like, the kind of music that would allow them to express their whole artistry, beyond the traditional borders of electronic music.

In 2015, they created  ‘Hungry Band’ , a live performance uniting the skills of Worakls (piano), N’to (machines), and Joachim Pastor (guitar).

Welcome to the first DHL mix of the new year, mix #246 by Hungry Music


Worakls – Salzburg (HM5 Live Version)

N’to – Petite (HM5 Live Version)

Joachim Pastor – Millenium (HM5 Live Version)

Worakls – Toi (HM5 Live Version)

N’to – La Cle des Champs (HM5 Live Version)

Joachim Pastor – Reykjavik (HM5 Live Version)

Worakls – Sanctis (HM5 Live Version)

N’to – Chez Nous (HM5 Live Version)

Joachim Pastor – Eternity (HM5 Live Version)

N’to – Carrousel (HM5 Live Version)

Worakls – Nocturne (HM5 Live Version)

N’to – Trauma 2018 Revision (HM5 Live Version)

Joachim Pastor – Trauma Remix (HM5 Live Version)