In a two hour BBC6 interview with Gilles Peterson entitled “Words & Music With Four Tet”, the man otherwise known as Kieren Hebden can some interesting insight into the origins of his (now prolific) electronic music origins.

Claiming to be part of the mass of concert goers in Radiohead’s seminal ‘Creep’ music video. Around 15 at the time, and well before promonent collaborations between himself and the band, Four Tet’s presence may be difficult to spot, but its influence on him, and perhaps the contemporary dance scene as a whole, was greatly influenced. On the topic, Four Tet says:

“I got invited to go on tour with Radiohead. They were absolutely huge and I’d been a fan since the Drill EP had come out. I’m in the video for “Creep” in the audience. I followed them really closely from the very beginning. And I was being asked to open for them because they were fans of the record, and it made me think, live electronic music, I should get into that.”

Check out the ‘Creep’ video below and see if you can spot Four Tet in the crowd.

Source: Pitchfork