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This release is a very special one for us. After many successes with My Other Side of the Moon, two among the most affectionate artists of the Label, Dj Tomer & Ricardo Gi gear up to release their highly anticipated album titled “Echoes”, with other incredible artists you will discover track by track, for twelve unique musical experiences.


Set to drop on “My Other Side of the Moon” in mid-July, “Echoes” represents a fusion of talent and creative vision, featuring twelve tracks that seamlessly blend the vibrant sounds of Afro house with mesmerizing vocals from an array of remarkable artists. Collaborations with extraordinary singers such as Jordan Arts, Kyaku Kyadaff, Kawtar Sadik, Index Nuul Kukk, Mayan and Mei Tar elevate the album to unprecedented heights, pushing the boundaries of the genre and delivering an unforgettable sonic experience. In addition to the impressive vocal performances, “Echoes” also boasts an impressive selection of top-notch remixes. Esteemed artists Badbox and Eran Hersh lend their expertise, infusing their unique styles into the album’s standout tracks and creating dynamic reimaginations that will undoubtedly leave fans craving more.

The album’s lead single, “Zulu,” has already set the stage on fire with its rhythm and captivating melodies. Garnering immense support from industry heavyweights such as Black Coffee, Themba, and Djeff, “Zulu” has been making waves across dancefloors worldwide, leaving listeners hungry for more of DJ Tomer & Ricardo Gi’s sonic magic. With “Echoes,” DJ Tomer & Ricardo Gi transport audiences to the pulsating heart of the African music scene. Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry of the continent, the album effortlessly merges traditional African elements with contemporary electronic sounds, resulting in an explosive blend that will resonate with fans of all backgrounds. “Echoes” will be available on all major streaming platforms and digital music stores from mid-July.

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Artist(s): Dj Tomer, Ricardo Gi, Kyaku Kyadaff, Mei Tar, Index
Nuul Kukk, Kawtar Sadik, Jordan Arts, Mayan
Title: Echoes
Record Label: My Other Side of The Moon
Cat.Number: MOSM04223A
Release Date: 14th July 2023

1) Zulu feat. Kyaku Kyadaff (Extended Mix)
2) Echoes feat. Mei Tar (Extended Mix)
3) Mondelila feat. Index Nuul Kukk (Extended Mix)
4) Blame feat. Kawtar Sadik (VooDoo Tribe Mix)
5) In Your Head feat. Jordan Arts (Extended Mix)
6) You Better Hold On feat. Mayan (Extended Mix)
7) Dancing With The Rain feat. Mayan (Extended Mix)
8) Zulu feat. Kyaku Kyadaff (Extended DUB Mix)
9) You Better Hold On (Extended Instrumental Mix)
10) Echoes feat. Mei-Tar (Eran Hersh Extended Remix)
11) In Your Head feat. Jordan Arts (That Kid Chris Extended Remix)
12) You Better Hold On feat. Mayan (BadBox Extended Remix)