According to numerology, five is the most energetic and dynamic of all the single numbers.

‘5’ is also the debut album from Parisian maestro Djebali, not only, marking the number of years passed since the founding of his label, but also the months it took to complete his very first LP. ‘5’ is a collection of dance floor-focused tracks, interspersed with a few experiments and unified by Djebali’s love of deep, classic house motifs. Everything track on the album was made using analogue gear – MPC3000, a Roland TR909, the Mozart AMEK 40 mixing desk, dynamic effects units, Moog voyager, Roland SH-101, Roland SH-09 to name a few – used through a working process that involved all the projects on this album in the same session.

The result…a timeless classic!

“5” is available now on digital & vinyl



a1: intro (heartbeat)
a2: flamingo
b1: nineties playground
b2: mister bastard
c1: heartgroover
c2: d.b. cooper
c3: the other night
d1: gods dreams
e1: ideal dawn
e2: passions
f1: seven blessings
f2: suzaku ft. john dimas