Yes, some part of underground dance music is political.

The ‘in your face’ news on Britain’s vote to leave EU came in with the first crack of the eyes this morning. To this day the underground dance music scene has by far not been mute on this one. Music producers and DJs from Great Britain and outside have expressed their takes on the issue – from mere shock, sadness to intentions to move the homeland country. There was not much variation among the opinions – most of them were negative.

Several artists were open on expressing a direct opinion on particular politicians and their support on the decision.

Among others, Seth Troxler, Midland and Ben Pearce have been covering the referendum on their Twitter accounts for well in advance today’s decision.

There are various speculations that after the vote Scottland might leave United Kingdom and join EU. Wondering how serious are the intentions among scotts, irish and even native brits to actually leave their homeland.

Last but not the least DJ Tennis pinpointed the importance and impact of the messages in art, and music in particular has.