A new chapter in London’s music scene is opened, bringing a cutting edge venue set to reawaken the city’s live electronic music scene.

Driven by a bold vision, E1 London is a former factory transformed into a vast music space. After months a stellar launch line-up fully confirmed for 27 hours of newly open doors. Heavyweight artists such as ÂME, Mano le Tough and rising stars Kiasmos and Denis Horvat. Following into the early hours the sounds will dramatically change, playing the darker, harder and faster sounds of techno with a UK Debut of a transatlantic collaboration of techno legends. The NYD period will host 3 of the biggest names in electronic music alongside a stellar support of artists such as the biggest star of Ostgut Ton, and a key player from Dystopian records and loads more.

31 December | E1 London Launch – NYE 27 Hours | Tickets | E1, London