Spanish tech house scene leader AFFKT is one of the people to be appearing at On the 5th Day in London on November 14th. It’s a brave new night that starts with some industry insight, q&as and talks from brands, labels and experts who know their stuff. AFFKT sure is one of them thanks to his killer sets around the world, as well as the unique sounds he releases on labels like Bedrock, Syncopat and Barraca Music.

Already this year he has served up big tunes in the form of his Sincopat 21 and Two Faces EPs and there is guaranteed to be more of the same on the night when he headlines with Darlyn Vlys from Get Physical. Ahead of the event we speak to the man born Marc Martinez Nadal about why he got involved with the project and more besides.

How are you, what’s your year been like, what have been some highlights?
This year has been without a doubt the best year so far for me- in terms of my gigs and releases (such as on Get Physical, Suara, Upon You, and Cecille)! I had my first residency in Ibiza Suara´s “Kitty Wanna Dance Along” with Coyu and Ramiro Lopez, and also with my label Sincopat, as well as other projects like my mastering/mixing company Pobla. I’ m so exciting to see where this year will lead me- 2015 you have big shoes to fill!

Tell us why you said you would get involved with the On the 5th Day…
Yes, I’ll give away all of the details on this during the “planned” talk I’ve arranged before my performance there!

You are going to speak about running labels, right? What tips will you offer?
There are so many insights I have learned during my 5 years of successively running Sincopat, as well as during the 2 years we had Barraca music… Not really sure right now what I will talk about, but I guess will depend of what the people wants to know. I have loads of information floating around in my head!

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What have been the hardest things about running your own label?
I think the beginning stages for every label will be hard— it’s not easy to convince an artist to release in a label with minimum releases and experiences! It’s a leap of faith- and we got lucky!

Also, in my case all I’ve learned to be thankful for doing it on my own! It helps by talking with friends that are also running labels, but it takes time to understand how everything works! The music business is constantly evolving, so you must commit to a continually learn more about what will make the business thrive amongst competition.

And what has been the best advice you’ve had regarding running a label?
To improve every single detail for every release.

What things do you think newbie label bosses most need help with in terms of making their imprint better?
There’s so many different apsects in managing a label, but the most important should be the music and the sound quality… without this your credibility is lost.

Generally, in 2014, do you think standards are good across the board? Or are there too many new labels now?
I think nowadays there are really good labels out there releasing amazing music. But, I also see many labels not taking much care of the music they release…I guess perhaps they are not as mature yet in their selection. I think a good digital aggregator can help you nowadays, and I would say the quality now is greater, depending on the selection that appears on the labels most of the times.

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What were the most important lessons you learnt when first starting out?
For my output from my side have the same love and energy in releasing the music, as the artist does when creating their music.

What’s the best bit of advice you ever received, do you think?
Don’t sign any music you are not 100% impressed and inspired by, and keep in mind that this music will be out in several months – therefore you need to think how you will feel about the track in the future… and not just now.

What else have you got coming up/are you excited about?
I am really proud of all the music we’ve been releasing the last few months by Sincopat and of course by in my own production as well! The label is moving a step forward in all releases. In 2015 we will release our second album, which is a massive challenge to say the least!

I’m ecstatic to develop our new brand Vomvo, which is a years worth compilation (we will do this once per year full of forward thinking music). The first edition will be compiled and mixed by Darlyn Vlys. Also, Vomvo is the name of the showcases parties we are working on.

Words: Pete Downes

AFFKT is one of the people to be appearing at On the 5th Day in London on November 14th. He will be speaking on a panel plus playing the party afterwards.