We love a bit of Crazy P here at Deep House London, so when we heard that they had a new album on the way, we were just a little bit excited (in fact, one of our staff members left a little wee wee patch on his chair!). The new LP, entitled ‘Walk Dance Talk Sing’ is out now on the mighty !K7 label and it’s seriously good. Imagine disco, funk, house and all the wonderful offshoot genres that have appeared over the years, put into a melting pot and cooked up with equal measurements of UK soul and flavour, and you can pretty much imagine what this album sounds like. We caught up with Crazy P’s leading lady, Danielle Moore, recently to chat all about their seventh album and lots of other interesting topics…(Scroll down to listen to the album in full).

This is your seventh album, which is quite an achievement…. So well done, first of all. How do you feel about this latest LP in terms of the sound, and the work that went into the project?
Thank you. Well, we were all in the same city, Nottingham, for the making of this album, which made the whole process a lot easier for us as we could dip into the studio more often which meant we could explore our moods and emotions a lot easier. This lead to more experimentation as we became more relaxed with each other. We used different sounds, messed with percussion and indeed listened to each other’s ideas and tried various starting points. We also felt we were inspired by a more diverse range of musical genres.

With such an abundance of previous work of this kind, have you come to a point now where it’s a relatively smooth operation to get a large body of work together or do you still find there are difficulties in the process?
Writing always presents difficulties… at least songs just don’t write themselves. As you get older you get more responsibilities, which affect the writing process and your emotions that contribute to that ongoing process. Alongside wanting to move sounds on and keep things fresh, it’s never straight forward and swings from moments of brilliance and ease, to periods of serious creative block!

How much of your previous work has filtered into the vibe of this album?
Well, we are Crazy P essentially so I think you’re always going to hear something that sounds “familiar” but we weren’t as concerned about sticking to any formula. We went with how we felt and feel like we have a more honest and up to date product as a result of that. I suppose we will never totally shake our authentic sound, nor do we want to. Tracks like ‘Scrap The Book’ and ‘Like A Fool’ are probably the most Crazy P sounding on the album.

It might be something you’re going to be asked a lot, but we have to ask, what’s different about this new LP compared to your previous work? What have you learned about your music and yourselves, personally-speaking, through the process of making this new one?
I think I touched on this just now, but in the main we have become more relaxed about experimenting and trying new processes. For me it’s been an album where I’ve had the chance to experiment with my vocals and a vocal effects box that has allowed me to have control over harmonies and delays and so on. This adds drama to my performance on the album. I think we all felt that our musical tastes were changing and, as much as we love the electronic side of music, we are all essentially lovers of live sounds; guitars, pianos and strings. We also realised just how much we get on with each other as a group of people, because it’s tough when you’re going through the process of writing and you need to stand together.

Did you decided on a theme before you started working on it? Or what is the general theme or concept behind it?
No, we didn’t decide on a theme or a concept. We felt it was time to get back into the studio and write. We were honest about our emotions and went with the mood on the day. We feel we’ve reflected those moods, through the highs and the lows texturally throughout. Moments of melancholy, pop and disco but hopefully all with soul.

You guys tour a fair bit too, how did you juggle the gigs with making the album?
It was tough! We were flipping shattered to be honest! But it’s work isn’t it?

For sure! Crazy P definitely have that party vibe locked down, how much of that has translated into the LP and are there many slow moments?
I think there are moments of “party” yes; ‘Witch Doctor’, ‘Hear My Song’ and ‘Scrap The Book’ spring to mind, whilst melancholy or more subtle moments are considered. Songs like ‘WDTS’, ‘Something More’ and ‘The Way’ are all moments of reflection or drama and don’t transmit a party vibe so much… they reflect us as people and our complex make up.

How does the songwriting process work? Is there just one of you who works on that, or is it a proper collaborative effort?
It’s a collaborative effort. We mainly write as a three in the studio and bounce off vibes from each other, whether that starts from a piano chord or a guitar riff or indeed a drum loop… Often I will take a simple musical idea home and write lyrics accordingly depending on how the mood of the music affects me. So really varied I suppose.

We guess you’d have been testing out a lot of the album material on the road, any particular tracks that seem to send every dance floor into pandemonium?
[Laughs]… I wouldn’t describe it quite like that. That makes me think of girls fainting over The Beatles! ‘Witch Doctor’ has certainly served a purpose in sending arms in the air and has energised a dance floor. It’s one of those repetitive and hooky tracks. ‘Hear My Song’, which is more a disco pop track with classic chords, which send a warm vibe throughout.

You’re on the road a lot by the looks of things, which can sometimes get even the most buoyant person feeling a little down – how do you cope with those ‘down moments’?
You’re right yes, it can be hard on the road. Without sounding like I’m being ungrateful, it’s tough sometimes to miss out on events with friends and family or be away from home when loved ones are being missed or compromising big parts of your personal life. But I feel very grateful to have been given an opportunity that took me around the world, introduced me to some amazing people and music and experiences. I think we look out for each other and can generally help each other out through those moments, whether that’s with humour or a hug and a chat. It’s a really interesting roller coaster!

What’s the very best thing about being in a musical group like yours?
Each other!

Who’s the best dancer?

Who’s most likely to need a little looking after during a heavy weekend of gigs?!
Also ME!!!

Of all the amazing music out there from the past and present, which five tracks would Crazy P love to cover?
Oh this is tough… hmmmmm…
Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend
James Mason – I Want Your Love
Jean Cairn – My Love Don’t Come Easy
Marty Caine – Love The Way You Love Me
The Cure – Lovesong…
But I’ll be honest, with the onslaught of average cover versions that are accompanying most mobile phone ads, it makes me shudder at the thought.

Can you please complete this sentence… ‘Without house music I would…’
…certainly be making some other type of music!!!

Walk Dance Talk Sing is out now on !K7 Records, for more information, click right here!

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