Krankbrother is a duo made up of brothers Dan and Kieran Clancy. Over the last five years they have become synonymous with putting on some of London’s best parties, from rooftops in Peckham or sell-out events at Oval Space to Hallowe’en parties at Great Suffolk Street or daytime raves at Loft Studios. The brothers have picked up a strong reputation for the quality of their parties, one of the very best (and most impressive) was their street party in Shoreditch, which has taken place on two consecutive years on a street in the heart of east London. Now they’re preparing to release their own compilation called Recollective – spread across two CDs it looks both backwards and forwards as they celebrate the fifth anniversary of krankbrother. So we thought we should have a good old chinwag with them… Check out a 10-minute preview of the album below.

When did you come up with the idea of putting together Recollective?

D: I believe it was the tail end of last summer. We wanted to find a way of celebrating the last 5 years of great music and parties and so laying that all down on an album seemed the best way to capture the essence of what our shows have been about.

Can you explain the idea behind it as there are two different CDs with slightly different atmospheres..

D: The programming at our events has always been pretty diverse as is our music taste so we wanted the compilation is represent this. One CD is how we play out, the other CD how we play at home.

How did you hook up with Defected?

K: Actually it was funny – my wife became friendly with Simon Dunmore’s (MD of Defected) wife. They met through a fashion event and linked us up as they thought we could work together well. I always take the piss out of my wife and say that she knows nothing about dance music but in fairness to her, it was her that linked us up with one of the most important contacts we’ve made in years, so I’ve eaten my words! It’s amazing to be working with Defected. They are incredibly professional, forward thinking and a pleasure to release with.

What does the compilation say about krankbrother in 2014?

K:  It’s great to release something which shows people what sound we are trying to push through our events, and maybe show people the broader side of our taste in electronic music. 2014 is the year that we want to move beyond events to putting out our own music and leaving our mark in a musical sense.

What’s the next step after the release of this album?

D: We’ve been getting in the studio and working on our own music, and we’ve got some exciting EP releases lined up for later this year.

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Yeah, I noticed you guys have a couple of your own tracks on there. Can you tell us a little bit about your move into production?

D: We’ve been wanting to put music out for a long time as we’ve both been playing music in some form since we were kids. I played guitar and sax in bands for years and Kieran was mean on the squeeze box and a great singer when we were younger. When we started DJing together we talked about producing but we decided to focus on the events first, then we opened a restaurant so it’s not been easy to find the time.

What’s the aim with the music you’re making? Do you want to get the tracks signed or maybe start your own label to give them a home?

D: For the moment just get music out there. A label has always been a possibility but not anytime soon!

You guys have been around for a while, what would you say are the most important lessons you’ve learned about the industry and how to maintain a fruitful career?

D: Be nice to people. Everyone. Other DJs, promoters, fans, industry folk, everyone. Your moment at the top is brief, dance music is fickle, it moves quick. After that, only the good guys and girls get remembered.

You also own a few other businesses, how do you manage to keep on top of everything?

D: Work in something you like then you don’t mind working all the time.

Tell us a little bit about the other businesses you own?

K: We opened a restaurant together in Shoreditch last year called Beagle. It’s got a cocktail bar in one railway arch, and a restaurant in a second arch. We serve modern British, seasonal food. Simple stuff well cooked, no bullshit really. We have an amazing head chef who we had been following for some time before we opened. He’s incredibly versatile and has a very deep understanding of produce and cooking styles. We’ve always been obsessed by food and drink so moving into restaurants was a natural step for us. It’s a lot of work but a lot of fun, and we’re pleased to say that the place is really busy and successful one year in.

D: I have two other restaurants with an old school friend called Bonnie Gull. They’re both British seafood restaurants focusing on fresh sustainable seafood at a reasonable price. I also have a warehouse in Shoreditch called Factory 7. We’ve done a load of events there over the years.

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What’s the one thing that would make your working lives a little easier?

D: Another Kieran.

When you were kids who would win when you had fights with each other?

D: Me for years. Then I stopped growing , Kieran continued, then I stopped picking fights.

Tell us an embarrassing childhood story about each other?

K: One of Dan’s first CD purchases was Bros… that’s pretty embarassing!

What do you admire most about each other?

D: His beard.

K: His energy. He has a lot more than me. And a lot of ideas. He’s a great guy to work with.

Out of the two of you, who’s more likely to get drunk and need looking after?

D: Me. Every time.

Who was your parents’ favourite?

D: Oldest is always the favourite, right.

What are your plans for the summer?

K: We are doing some fantastic events at home and abroad. Some London terrace parties, a street party, lots of festivals in the UK elsewhere, and some lovely gigs. Can’t wait!

What are the key factors that put a krankbrother party ahead of others in London? 

K: I think that the programming is more interesting than many London promoters, it’s more varied. And we have used much more interesting venues than most over the years (yachts, streets, rooftops!). But overall it’s all about the people – nothing beats the krankbrother crowd!

Where does the name krankbrother come from? 

D: A late night conversation in some South London boozer after way too much Guinness.  No-one told us all the different connotations of krank until after!

Finally, can you name your current top 5 tunes?

Not all dance but this what I’ve had on repeat recently.

[youtube id=”eS0CO-yPmO4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Daniel Avery – Drone Logic

Elias Rahbani – From The Moon

Sylvia Love – Extraterrestial Lover (JAZ Edit)

The Cramps – Let’s Get Fucked Up

Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

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