Egg LDN is nearly in its 12th year; Nicole Moudaber has been one of the mainstays over recent times always energizing the North London outfit with her sultry sounds. Recently in the studio with Skin from Skun Anansie and performing an epic 10 hour set in New York whilst under the weather, we chat to the legendary spinner about her productions, her love for Egg LDN and her hugely anticipated events in Miami.

How are you, how has the year been so far, what has been good, what has been bad?
All good thanks, except I had a bad flu recently, it was mega fierce. Had to do this intravenous shot in order to stand up for 10 hours and play at Output New York that night. I have to say it worked.

Musically, what is turning you on right now, what is inspiring and influencing you?
I’m more into musical and melodic music right now for some reason, but also into very dark sounds of techno as well. I’m ready for the studio again, I was away for a few weeks on a break in Bali, I’m ready to lay it down again with music.

You play at Egg London a lot – why do you like the club so much?
I love that club, the crowd is brilliant and most importantly the owner Laurence Malice and his team are fantastic, Laurence is a legend.

How do crowds compare around the world? Do they react differently to different sounds or….?
To some extent I thought they did, but I’m realising the opposite right now. They all want to same when they specifically go to listen to one DJ perform, and that’s a reflection of their own sound. It’s best not to compromise.

How did you hook up with Skin from Skunk Anansie? Whats it like working with her?
We met a year and a half ago on a flight actually, we sat next to each other from Porto in Portugal all the way to London. We chatted non stop I remember clearly, we really clicked immediately. It was then I popped the question – “will you sing on one of my records”, and she said “yes”.

[youtube id=”bcUr0hsswfw” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Tell us about your label, what the aim is, who and what you look to release etc?
My collaboration with Skin is coming out on MOOD. We finished the album and it’s called BREED. I’m currently shooting a video with her in Berlin for the first single called ‘Someone Like You’, this project is very dear to me, I’ve been working on it for a year now, it’s very challenging to work with such an established artist on the one hand, and on the other it was tough for me to make all the vocals work on techno. It turned out to be something completely different, not all tracks are aimed at the floor.

You run your own events in Miami – why is that? How do you like playing there by pools and in the sun – does it suit your techno sound or do you play differently?
I’m a promoter initially so you can’t take that trait away from me. MoodDAY pool party this year was a sell out during Miami Music Week – I also did MoodNIGHT at Trade Miami which was a smash as well… I went dark as hell and people loved it.

You will be playing b2b with Victor Calderone this year – how did you hook up with him? Will you plan that set at all?
I did three hours back-to-back with Victor Calderone at the MoodDAY pool party at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami. The sun was just going down and we laid down the law. I couldn’t believe how we gelled effortlessly, people were asking if we played together before, it was a first. And it won’t be the last for sure, we’re planning a New York show together after the summer.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?
I’m about to announce my residency at DC10 Circoloco this summer in Ibiza. As well as many shows with Carl Cox at Space. Summer is super exciting. Did I mention I’m playing Glastonbury this year?!

Whats the best and worst thing about being a DJ? Do you miss being home maybe, or hate eating take away food, or…?
I actually do hate take away food, and filthy hotels. You’d be surprised, even the 5-star hotels of the world are disgusting. I shower with my flip flops on now, I’m too OCD. But all these mini frustrations go away once I’m on the decks, it’s all worth it.

Words: Tasha Remington

Nicole plays Egg LDNs 12th birthday with Green Velvet | Dimitri from Paris and more | May1st/2nd | |

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