Robert Dietz cut his clubbing teeth on the Frankfurt scene dominated by the likes of Sven Vath, Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano, but the flourishing artist leaps all musical boundaries. 

His production skills focus on the same meeting place between technical proficiency and pure excitement. Releasing quality records on stellar imprints such as Cecille, Cadenza, Deep Vibes, Running Back and Saved Records and having developed his skill set as part of the Cadenza team, Robert has now moved onto pastures new where he continues to craft a trademark house sound that captures the celebratory spirit of old fashioned club music fused with a sleek, 21st century aesthetic.

Branching out on a solace voyage of creativity and sound, Robert Dietz is making waves yet again with his latest epic venture – founding his own record label ‘Truth Be Told‘.

Named after Internet abbreviation ‘TBT’, the Berlin-based label aims for originality and creativity, boasting music with character. As always Dietz’ passion is for what works on the dance floor and this new platform for creativity will propel him even further into the elitist producers pool of underground house. The label will follow a vision that echoes the unchained creativity that has allowed Dietz to quietly become one of the Desolat collective’s most magnetic stars – Leading him to seek solace, a voyage of solo character building with no dilution of his signature percussive sound.

If you’ll be in the Netherlands next month, be sure to catch Robert at 18 Hours Festival in Zaandam

“For me it was clear at the beginning to offer the music on vinyl too. It’s the only medium where everything comes together and makes sense.”

How has your year been so far – busy or have you taken time off?
My year started pretty busy with New Years Eve and day gigs, a show in Turin and then straight off to Playa Del Carmen for the BPM Festival. But after that one I kept it easy till mid February now. I took a week of holidays in Mexico and another two weeks at home which I really needed.

So… why now to start your own label? What made you decide?
Its been in my head for a couple of years already but it was always a question of finding the right time and moment to work it out and bring this idea to daylight.

When I moved to Berlin beginning of 2014 I started to hang out with one of my oldest and best friends again who I started DJing with in the 90s. I kept doing my thing and he became a photographer and art director over the last years. We decided now to just do it together and have a project where we can act out our creativity and love for music and design. It’s about bringing all these things together and just doing what we really feel, without taking everything too seriously and keeping the fun in it.

What makes a good label, do you think, what are the key things to get right?
There are so many ingredients that make a label a good one. For me it is important to see and hear the personality and the soul of a label. Quality of presentation, artwork, diversity in music and a bit of understatement catch my attention. A constant source for good music and great ideas, where each release stands for itself and is separated from the other. You don’t have to like everything but it’s the whole picture drawn over years that makes it right.

Tell us about the name – does it mean anything in particular?
Truth Be Told popped up in a few conversations – and I felt connected – it’s the kind of thing that stuck in my mind. Naming things isn’t really easy – it’s short and sweet and has connection to what it is: two friends coming together, no pressure, just being honest and real.

Like someone you wouldn’t lie to because it would be too obvious – he knows you and your lies too well.

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