Following their well documented license revocation from the Islington council, London’s fabric continues the fight for fairness.

Having announced their intention to appeal the decision, the club has now launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise money toward legal costs, maintaining the hibernating space, and keeping a small team in tact.

In an email statement with DJ Mag, fabric states:

“We are appealing to everyone who loves this city, everyone who loves this culture and everyone who is involved in this industry to support our fight and donate to our campaign today…It will be an expensive battle, and after six weeks of being closed with no income we cannot fight this alone. So we’re asking our fans, peers and the greater population to contribute to our campaign fund, to help us keep a small fabric team, the venue in hibernation and to prepare our legal campaign.”

You can read fabric’s entire statement and support the cause HERE. So far, nearly 40K has been raised

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