Despite Studio 338 being just two years old, it has quickly become one of the most exciting and talked about venues in London and beyond. With a capacity of 3,000, and a handful of carefully crafted line ups, it’s noticeably in a league of its own, as the club aims to bridge the gap, by bringing Ibiza style clubbing to Greenwich, London.

The most iconic part of Studio 338 is the heated terrace, noticeably one of the largest terrace areas in Europe; it has drawn in a whole host of underground house and techno Djs/Producers that have stood behind the decks for a serious amount of hours. The atmosphere has left revellers comparing the day time raves to the likes of Ibiza Super Clubs, DC10 and Space. The appeal of Studio 338 continues to grow, and this is strengthened by the clubs already released events and mind-blowing line ups, which take us right up to May.

For Studio 338 to continue being the best of the best it’s made a handful of alterations to The Terrace, which will now be known as the Atrium Terrace. The aim is to provide ravers with an unforgettable day to night experience within its four glass walls, creating a panoramic space, that will be extremely hard for clubs in Europe to compete with.

We caught up with Dan Perrin, Music and Events Director of Studio 338, who explained that the new redevelopment to Studio 338 is hugely significant,

“This is not a case of just changing the existing ‘roof’, we are tearing the whole terrace out and rebuilding it. When asked about the approach he has taken with the club he explained that ‘The approach I have tried to take in building the program is to bring fresh and hopefully exciting new brands to the city.’ Studio 338 has been the hub spot for bringing many exciting nights held throughout Europe into the Capital, from big brands like Barcelona based Elrow, to smaller exclusive London based Record labels”.


What will the Atrium Terrace bring to Studio 338?
The Atrium Terrace will feature a new roof that will stand 10 whole metres higher than that of the old Terrace roof – this will be beneficial in the carrying of sound, which many of you will agree, is the pillar of an epic night raving. The perfect occasion to then install the new Void Acoustics Sound System, renowned for their sonic perfection they will be reliable for feeding the pounding beats of underground house and techno, to ravers on the dance floor. Ravers will be encapsulated with sound and sun as it bounces off new triple glazed acoustically toughened glass, creating a sense of togetherness and an unforgettable atmosphere, which ultimately gives those on the dance floor an experience like no other.

There really are no faults in Studio 338’s no nonsense forward thinking production, with the old Terrace being a pivotal spot for a host of London’s most talked about 2015 Summer raves, we can’t wait to experience the Atrium Terrace, as Studio 338 sets the bar high, for a unique experience amongst the London club scene!

Studio 338

by Aimee Knowles