Following a very special debut earlier in the Summer for Labyrinth’s open air events, the sequel show did not disappoint. It all went down in the gorgeous, rolling green landscapes of the 17th century Tofte Manor, in Bedfordshire. Once we arrived we were greeted by a super stylish main stage and a cosy second stage nestled amongst the trees. Both had been expertly designed by Tom Dixon. Extra flora was brought in to add an organic feel, with warm neons and tasteful decor also making for a nice classy vibe. 

Most importantly, the sound systems were crystal clear and punchy.  Which is a good job, because they were really put through their paces by Innervisions’ kingpins Dixon and Ame. who were playing back to back in the UK for the first time since 2019. They serve up super deep, emotive sounds with plenty of wispy synth details, spine tingling breakdowns and hypnotic grooves. There was a fine array of other sounds on offer from the likes of  TSHA and Sofia Kourtesis, Correspondent boss Jennifer Cardini, Innervisions favourites Trikk and Jimi Jules and some vital UKG from Carista. 

The crowd was a friendly one, and fully in the know. They always reacted to the big moments and danced non-stop from midday throughout the day until things got wrapped up at 10pm. This is the latest brilliantly boutique event from Labyrinth, whose curator and resident, DJ Nick Castle, also turned in a fine set. We’re already looking forward to the next one!