Frankey & Sandrino’s productions, DJ & live sets, are made of the right stern to snowball dance floors worldwide and fill them with epic moments! Both Frankey and Sandrino have individually been active with electronic music well over a decade now.

On the one hand, there’s Sandrino whose passion for life is driven by longtime love for house music in all its forms and shapes. On the other hand, there is Frankey, a schooled musician who already has a string of full-length albums and single releases out under different disguises. After their encounter the guys were drawn to each other by their mutual thirst for deep & melodic music, resulting in the self-named project by 2010. It didn’t behold much time before their first creations were released by Four:Twenty Records and Mood Music. 2015 sees their biggest release to date: ‘Acamar/Lukida’ on Innervisions. The duo received the award ‘Track of the season’ for Acamar during the Ibiza DJ Awards.

Further releases came out on recognized labels like the Japanese Mule Musiq with ‘Leap’, ‘Hydrae’ on Kompakt Records and their remix of ‘The Idea’ by Hyenah on Freerange Records, which was the most charted track on Resident Advisor in 2016.

Their newly shaped label ‘Sum Over Histories‘ serves as an outlet to support talented artists they believe in. We premiered their most recent release, the beautiful Impérieux – Mehmed.

In 2017 Frankey & Sandrino returned to Dixon & Ame’s Innervisions with ‘Wega/Pollux. Regardless of the continuously hectic but fun DJ diary, the boys still managed to finish their follow-up EP for Mule Musiq in 2018: “Alya”. The new year kicked off with a remix package of their “Ways Of The Sun” EP (Drumpoet Community) holding beautiful reworks by the likes of Peter Krüder, Gerd Janson & Lauer, and Jimi Jules. We can also already reveal the duo has two new EP’s lined up for May.

And we’re excited to bring you this special 3 hours mix they did for us. Frankey & Sandrino brings you DHA AM Mix #254.

Find Frankey & Sandrino on April 13th at De Marktkantine in Amsterdam alongside Marcus Worgull, Gabriel Ananda and Nicky Elisabeth.