Death on the Balcony are celebrating a busy summer by giving away a fantastic new rework of ‘Sufjan Stevens – ‘Futile Devices’  just before they head back off on tour to the USA. 
‘New Found Devices – (Death on the Balcony Rework)’
Death on the Balcony as a duo bring plenty of emotion, warmth, melody, and groove with their own take on house music. They continue to release on family labels like All Day I Dream, Kindisch and continue to play and connect all over the world where they lock down dance floors with their own distinctive style.
The coming months bring new upcoming releases on Do Not Sit and new label Lost Miracle, but not before returning back to the U.S. Kicking off on September 14th at Zemya Festival in Atlanta, the tour then hits spots in Los Angeles, Denver & NYC on 27th Sept.
The pair’s club-friendly and extended version of ‘Futile Devices’ is a masterful edit that has been dropped at plenty of big gigs in the last 18 months, always to great reactions and heartfelt comments.
 It is now yours to enjoy for free and marks another essential offering from this vital pair!

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