Modulearth are a new duo from Milan made up of Nicolas Meyer and Luca Vertulli; a hugely accomplished production outfit, which really shows in the music.

Nicolas is 22 years old, has studied piano for 16 years at the hands of the acclaimed Massimo Colombo, while Luca is 27, has long been playing synths and making analogue sounds and is the architect of Modulearth, who have been collaborating since January 2015.

Introducing us to Modulearth, Apparel Music serves up four magical tracks with five great remixes, plus mastering by Lopazz and cover design by Andrea Contin.

Today we have a FREE DOWNLOAD of the SCHiLLiNG remix of title track ‘Blue Note’: a broken beat, neo soul affair with dreamy and sub kissed trumpets, lots of found sound detail and a real air of jazziness.

“Blue Note feat Christian Meyer” is available 26 October on Apparel Music

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